Thursday, April 1, 2010

My battle with Jenny Sjodin while she was in NYC

looking forward to tax day. what?!

The party is cancelled this month.

Ha, ha -- gotcha! April Fool's!!!

Actually, the April party is coming up fast -- just exactly as fast as the dreaded Tax Day deadline. That's right, we're reviving our venerable Tax Day Wrestling theme and holding the party on April 15th this month to give everyone a positive reason to look forward to the day. And the chance to sweat out any frustrations you may still be feeling after tallying that last column of digits and suffering those endless post office lines. After that, who wouldn't be ready for a fight?

To add to the post-taxes festivities, there will be grappling in a huge pile of (Monopoly) money -- a nod to those welcome returns hovering on the horizon.

I mention this now because, like I said, the day is fast approaching, and it's never too early for a reminder to finish those taxes or to start revving up for a night of underground wrestling. And also because I'm mad tickled to be making the playlist for this party, and will happily accept any suggestions for songs about money, riches, or dollars you can throw my way between now and then!