Sunday, June 21, 2015

overwhelmed with awesome video options!

OK, I've been a little unable to blog lately because there's been so much *almost* going on.  And the reason things have been *almost* going on, is that there are so many options it's hard to pick which ones to do and what to do first!  

So I decided it's just time to talk about this and how simultaneously awesome and frustrating it is.  I'm gonna lay out all the video options and ideas we're considering, and if anyone wants to help the decision-making process with votes or custom orders, that would be excellent!

The "problem" begins with the fact that Orlandoe is back in NYC for the summer --  limited time, three months only!  Now Orlandoe was always one of our most capable, competitive wrestlers, and she's kept up her training while she's been away.  We had a quick roll together at a recent open mat, and I was super impressed.  A straight-up wrestling rematch between us would be pretty neat for starters.  

BUT Orlandoe is also one of the ladies besides me who knows her way around ropes -- we could set her to bondaging her own crop of victims.  AND she's such a fun personality being so tricky and devious -- she's makes a terrific villain or pro-style heel.  See what I mean?  Too many options!

Now, at the same time, Amazon Annie is back from her extended travels and pretty pumped up for action.  And we have a lot of tiny opponents who would be great in size domination matches with her -- Jade Indica, ShaSha, possibly Cali Logan if she wants to come visit, new guy Tae...
Annie vs. ???

And speaking of Tae, he's a new, very small, very quick and scrappy, but totally untrained guy.  So basically ALL the ladies would love to get their hands on him for a big [hazing] wrestling welcome.  He's also friend of Howl, so there are great options for those guys working together in multi-person team matches and scenarios.  

We actually gave that idea a first run last week in the What Goes Around Comes Around Bondage Caper video, AND we're scheduled for a Battle of the Sexes Bondage Battle II next week (Howl & Tae vs. Orlandoe & Me), along with and Orlandoe vs. Me Pro-Style Rematch.  So those are some ideas that ARE happening already.  But so many more options, even more than I've mentioned already...

Another thing going on, obviously, is that it's summer!!  This is the time for outdoor scenarios, and a lot of our ladies and guys have agreed they'd love to do some on-site adventure filming.  Of course, Annie would like to do an Amazon vs. the jungle hunters scene in nature reserve she knows.  I think gladiators meeting on the sands would be great, and I'm hearing some requests to bring last year's skin diver character back to the beach as well.  Plus Howl mentioned shooting at the Cloisters, which would give us an amazing Medieval castle setting.

And finally, there are phenomenal guest wrestlers we'll be shooting with in July and August.

Mistress Kara will be here July 17-19, and we're already planning a full-day shoot with her.  Now what do?  

Kara is a genius of mixed domination.  It's tempting to match her against every guy we have to overpower, tie-up, and/or enslave them in turn.  

But maybe we don't want to miss the chance for her do some more unusual things?  Kara could rock a pro-style match like a champ; she would make an amazing superheroine or villian; and she looks awesome in pantyhose...maybe a catball?  Not to mention the fact that she would be super-exciting in one of our 4-way or 6-way bondage battles!  One match we are certain about is a confirmed competitive custom vs. Amazon Annie.  But for the rest, decisions must be made!


Now, moving on into slightly further down-the-road news.  A little bit more of an FYI, advance-notice set of announcements...but still not too far off, so worth starting to think about! 

Megan Jones and Mutiny are also going to be visiting New York later in July.  We're actually scheduled to shoot with both of them in Florida in August, but only Diablo and I are going on that trip.  SO, if anyone has requests for these two awesome ladies to match up with other members of our New York crew. we would be glad to set up a home-turf shoot with them too.  (Or to take requests for videos with Diablo or me for August).



And FINALLY, in August Diablo and I head down to FetCon.  We're set up to shoot so far with:  Layla Moore, Nikki Fierce, Tomiko, Andrea Rosu, Mutiny, Lily Kat, Briella Jaden, and Megan Jones.  Any requests for videos with these ladies, or with other ladies attending FetCon, are very welcome!