Thursday, July 28, 2016

filming at FetCon 2016!!!

Hey, everyone!  I am super-excited for my upcoming trip to FetishCon, and SUPER-excited to be filming with all of these amazing ladies!

If you have custom requests for anyone here -- solo, with me, with Diablo, or with each other -- get in touch ASAP!!  I can't even believe how quickly the trip is coming up!!

Write to:

So here we go, in order of when the shoots are happening, I'm filming with ALL these ladies in just TWO WEEKS:

Whitney Morgan


Ivy Davenport

Andrea Rosu

Asia Perez


Bella Ink

Sarah Brooke

Ramona Flour

Ashlee Graham



Camille Blackheart


And FINALLY, right after FetCon, I'll be shooting with Mark of Brutal Beauties. You all remember Mark?  Any requests for him and me together, let me know that also!!