Saturday, January 31, 2015

multi-lady shoots galore coming up!

A fan just asked me which ladies would be available for shoots in the next couple weeks, specifically what combinations of ladies would be possible.

I've been in a frenzy of scheduling lately, and only when he asked me this did I step back and realize just HOW MUCH is actually going on.  It's pretty incredible, and I thought I should give everyone a heads-up in case anyone wants in on customs with these rare combinations of wrestlers:

In the next couple weeks, we are planning these combo shoots:

Jade Indica (5'-2", 115 lbs.) & Amazon Annie (6'-0", 200 lbs.):  

Keri Spectrum (5'-8", 140 lbs) & Crazy Azy (5'-2", 130 lbs.):

Niki Lee Young: (5'-4", 115 lbs.) & Chloe Faye:

And a little bit later:
Chloe Faye (5'-7", 130 lbs.) & Rachel DD (5'-4", 120 lbs.):

Customs and requests for any of these shoots?  Email me!

Friday, January 30, 2015

instead of a blog...

Instead of a blog post this week, I wrote a bit of a treatise in a thread on the Male vs. Female forum.  The topic was the underground wrestling scene: how it's changed and where it's going.  I'm posting my reply here, but for all the context, you can find the full thread HERE:

My post:

Well, this was supposed to be my blogging day, but I got a tip that there was an interesting discussion going on here (and also that Diablo might be spreading around some of my "early days in the scene" stories), and I thought weighing in on this thread would be a neat substitute for blogging. 

So where's the real-life, in-person wrestling scene coming from, where's it going, and how can it (or can it at all) be built-up/shaped/revived? This is going to be a long post, with a lot of my thoughts on the matter, so you've been warned… (Just adding this now that I finished writing, I seriously do apologize for the length.)

Responding to a description of some very high-stakes women's matches, thatguylouis says:
What you're describing is for me at least the major appeal of underground wrestling, when both women involved have a legitimate enjoyment of the sport and view it more than a paycheck it can create some really fantastic matches with pride on the line.

BUT it was already said that
These "in the moment" captured moments are definitely rare

So it seems there's this idea of a perfect match that's real, that's organic, that has meaning and context and backstory, and that is very rare. And there's a desire to "bring back" the kind of environment where Those Matches happen between women. But that's hard to do.

Here's the bad news (there is good news later, never fear). Setting out directly to create Those Matches is 100% impossible. You can create a video "in that style" or an "homage" event, but then you'll be missing the most important ingredient that makes Those Matches so exciting, the context. Those Matches are rare, because they "just happen" when conditions are right. They're the highlights, the one match you remember out of 10 or 20 or 100 that were more average. And if, somehow, it were possible for Those Matches to happen all the time, for the women it would be exhausting and off-putting to have "pride on the line" every time, and for the guys, Those Matches would no longer be special -- somehow the stakes would have to be raised again.

The only way to create Those Matches is to create the scene and community where they can happen. A little more bad news -- that's hard to do. Sentiments like Diablo's penpal's
I just know the right guy could get it done

and NewYork's
we need girls

are only going to bring out professional women. I certainly know a lot of phenomenal professional women - myself included ;) - who love wrestling and what they do, but in the context of building a scene, a pure-pro membership both misses the point and makes the community smaller. How to create the right environment? Age-old question -- how to get more women to wrestle?

Women like wrestling for all kinds of reasons - for sport for competition; to do something tough, or adventurous, or even silly; to hang out with friends; maybe this one will try anything once; maybe this one likes to show off; maybe this one loves costumes, characters, superheroes, WWE… (Sidenote: judging from recent conversations with other Doom Maidens ladies and how many say they'd love to do pirate, vampire, princess, etc. videos, that last one's actually pretty big.)

Now the good news! The scenes and communities where all this fun stuff can happen are real. They come and go, but they have existed and can exist. I remember a very active and vibrant scene when I was first getting into wrestling -- indeed, it's how I got into wrestling.

I think back on the events that I attended then -- events that Diablo and Hanz have described a bit already -- and there were opportunities for women to wrestle there for any and all of the reasons I mentioned.

Amateur Female Jello Wrestling was fantastic -- mostly women would show up, goof off, do wacky, messy pro-style matches, and have a great time. But all kinds of matches would happen. I brought my never-wrestled-in-her-life sister one night, and for her first time, I tried to let her win -- but she absolutely refused! Least competitive match ever! But fun, and it was great my sister felt comfortable enough to come out and try. On the other hand, the first women who came together to form Doom Maidens were jello wrestlers who wanted to learn more competitive wrestling. And on the other other hand, one night I had one of Those Matches… A former friend and her boyfriend had really insulted my boyfriend. Since it was a women's only wrestling event, the men weren't allowed to get physical about the situation -- but we ladies were. The slippery jello made it impossible for either of us to hold on well enough to score a win, but we were determined and just kept fighting until the MC had to stop it and move along the night.

I think back to the fetish and BDSM parties I went to as well. There was so much going on -- someone who came for the flogging might want to jump in and give the wrestling a try. A domme might want to order her sub to take a wrestle-beating. And a wrestler tired after a few matches might want to watch or try out some of the other activities. 

AND I think back on the Grapple Den parties. Again, there were so many types of matches. Training for newcomers at the beginning, matches between friends who came together and pairs who just met that night, women's matches, mixed matches, men's matches, mini-sessions, "traditional matches" between regulars who fought each other every single time… Something for everyone to do but also something for everyone to see, no one sidelined or in the spotlight the whole time, chances to fight and chances to chill out. 

So after all this writing, what's my point? It's this: any event created with the intention to make a show of a certain type of women's match has the potential to be a cool event, but it will be more of the professional and less of the community. Creating community where cool things just happen is a super-imprecise procedure. There are a few things not to do, but as for what to do… 

It takes a lot of events, environments that are low-pressure and welcoming to newcomers, and it takes time for it to build up and for the friendships and rivalries that add intensity to the scene and to matches to develop. It takes luck, and the right moment, and giving up rigid expectations. It takes a lot of people to make community. Probably one person can't force it to happen. But one person can try…and it may not go anywhere. But that person can try again, or another person can try, and as long as someone keeps striking sparks one time one of them will catch. A second person will get inspired, more people will take notice… It's super hard to do except when it just happens, and when it does, it's worth it.

And every time one of these moments happens, it's going to be different than moments before. As a lot of people just noted in this thread, New York City right now is a lot different that it was even a few years ago. If any of the underground wrestling sparks floating around here currently do catch, we'd be looking at a Brooklyn scene rather than a Manhattan scene. Elsewhere it's been discussed how women's wrestling styles and their access to training has been changing; a current scene would undoubtedly include more jiu-jitsu than any scene from a pre-UFC time. Fashion changes in sports and fitness as much as anywhere; in the "real" world I feel like I see a lot of yoga pants lately -- will they make their way into underground wrestling? 

No two scene moments will look just alike. If the whole idea is about the real, authentic, and organic, they can't. They grow out of their times and places. But if the whole idea is about the real and authentic, the feeling should be what counts.

Friday, January 23, 2015

leveling up + plus awesome shoot = great week

Well, the most urgent and exciting news that I have to share this week is definitely that I got promoted to brown belt at my BJJ academy this week!   I started "unofficially" training jiu-jitsu in 2006 at open mats with friends, and started training officially at my academy in late 2007, so it's been a seven or eight-year journey, depending how you look at it, for me to get to this point in my wrestling life.

This is something that I've been simultaneously thinking might happen soon and thinking might never happen for a few months now.  Now that it has, it's very neat and, frankly, also a tiny bit terrifying.  No matter whether or not you think you're ready to be promoted, and no matter whether your professor thinks you've already earned it, a new belt brings a sense that now is when you need to start earning it.  Now you have to live up to it.  Maybe that's just me...but I think a lot of my classmates would agree.

Have to break in this shiny new belt now!

Then, another very excellent thing happened.  Yesterday, Diablo, Howl, and I had a wonderfully fun and productive video shoot.  Howl was been away from New York for about four months, and as one of our most scrappy, game, lightweight, and flexible male wrestlers, he's been sorely missed.

He was pretty tickled to find out that he has little fan base of his very own; indeed, no sooner did he return to New York, than we got a custom request for him.  This was for a men's pantyhose pro-style match between Howl and Diablo.  Howl made for an extra-feisty and troublesome jobber, so while this match was a near-domination by Diablo, it wasn't a shut-out by any means.  But, oh boy, when Diablo did catch Howl in those camel clutches, it looked like they were going for the record on bendiest, most back-breaking hold!  Seriously, people are not supposed to be that flexible.  So this was a lot of fun to see, and also a lot of fun to film.  I always like when Diablo has a video to do with someone else; it's the only time I get to run the camera and practice my filming.  I was pretty proud of myself after this one :)

Then we followed up with a video featuring Howl and me.  After much success with our "more traditional" female/female pantyhose catball videos (like this one, for example), we got some requests and were curious to try a mixed catball video.  Yes, Howl is at risk of becoming quite the pantyhose wrestling star here.  Our storyline was that we were ballet dancers rehearsing a show, and Howl was trying to upstage me during my solo!  The intro with him cutting me off and bumping into me was brilliant, funny, and, of course, infuriating!  I couldn't stand for it, and so...FIGHT!  Howl turned out to be about the most ferocious catballer yet, right up there with Candy Pain in our original Furious Pantyhose Catball Fight!  Oh my goodness, twisty-twiney-legged, hair-pulling, rolling madness!  But in the end, it didn't help him -- he ended up excessively tied up with many pairs of my old, torn pantyhose!

A few little preview pics from this one, too:

OK, now these were not the only things going on recently, just the most immediately exciting.  Quick run down on other stuff:  

My computer almost died, which was scary, irritating, and a definite fly in the ointment of an otherwise great week.  But I just got it back from the technician today, and it wasn't the whole hard drive that was shot, just the drive's connector cable.  Huge relief there.

I also had a couple new costumes for upcoming custom videos arrive in the mail.  Some not-fantastic camera phone shots of them here, just to give a sneak peak.  The videos will be much better than these quickie shots:

Also, bondage wrestling with Kevin scheduled for this Sunday!  Heh, heh, heh, Kevin really wants to beat me in some kind of competitive match or another, but I don't think it will be this one.  (Or any one!  Though he's welcome to keep trying, of course!)

And finally, a lot of RSVPs for next Tuesday's training session.  We had a very small little practice start-up gathering this past Tuesday, which was nice, but expecting a bit of a "thing" and some new faces next week, yay!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

all kinds of training updates

So today I got some great news!  :)

The thing that really gives me hell all the time is trying to fit all the training that I want to and should do into a day with everything else that has to happen.  I am constantly making ambitious and intricate training plans, but they break down when it's time to move them off paper and into practice.  What with BJJ, Muay Thai, and weight lifting, it's a colossal challenge.  I love the early morning classes at my academy -- great for waking me up and kicking off the day -- but the morning MT, BJJ, and no-gi classes all overlap.  I end up needing to go back to the midday classes; my day is chopped up; I feel like I get nothing else done; and, especially now, since I'm so excited about my 2015 Mass Gain Resolution, I get very frustrated if I feel like time is being taken away from my lifting.

So this is actually a very small thing, but I have high hopes for it:  the academy's a.m. BJJ class is being extended.  If it runs longer, I can go to it immediately *after* Muay Thai.  This may *possibly* solve all my scheduling woes.  I do have a tendency to make those ambitious plans, but here's hoping...

Now, speaking of the mass gain resolution, here's a little update on that.

Weight: 126.8 pounds
Biceps:  12.25 inches
Thigh:  21 inches

I knew as soon as the holidays ended and I got back to forms of training other than the gym, it would get much harder to put on any weight.  And, definitely, it did.  My weight stuck at 125 for about two weeks despite quite a high calorie intake; finally getting past that was exciting.  Much more exciting was seeing an increase in my bicep measurement!  Better and sooner than I'd hoped!  I'm very pleased.  And I forgot to take a starting thigh measurement at the beginning of the month, but I'l keep track of it from here on out.  Hopefully, I'll get some photos for an update tomorrow since there's a video shoot scheduled in the afternoon...

I could go on and on about recent and upcoming video projects, but I did that last week.  And, indeed, there are always countless video projects in the works.  I'm sure I can talk about them next week too, if I feel like it.  So for now, a couple other quick announcements.

DM training sessions are starting up again!  It's been a while since we offered regular training sessions, though there were some pretty good by-appointment bondage wrestling tutorials during the past year.  But starting Tuesday, the goals will be to bring more people together for practice at once and hopefully to see some new faces too.  Should be neat, and it'll definitely be worth blogging about how the launch goes.

And finally, my first session trip of the year is scheduled!  This is a little overnight trip to Philly on Feb. 5 & 6, and I'm very quickly seeing that I should probably have planned a longer stay.  This little visit is filling up quickly.  Oh, well, it'll be a whirl!

And that's the news 'til next week!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

starting off with a bang -- more videos than we can shake a camera at

Well, the theme of this week seems to be “Back to Filming with a Vengeance.” Things certainly got busy fast as soon as the holidays ended! And it's been really great lately to reconnect with some favorite wrestlers and video sponsors I hadn't seen/heard from in a little while.

Today was the inaugural shoot of the year, and it featured the return of Indra to the mats. She was brave enough to face me in a “Shiny Pro-Style 2” match, and though it didn't go too well for her overall, she did get me in a few tight spots ;)

Also, at the sponsor's request, this match included our first attempt at this hold: 

Only thing is, none of us know what this one's called! Anybody out there know this one and the name of it? I'm sure it must be pretty cool.

And coming up VERY soon...

Tomorrow, we've got a karate-in-pantyhose custom featuring Rachel and Thrash scheduled. What Rachel doesn't know is that we may very well tack her bondage wrestling rematch with me onto the end of this shoot! Well, if there's time. We're very polite like that. Though, come to think of it, a scenario along the lines of “You're never allowed to leave this shoot; I'm going to tie you up and keep you and make you wrestle for me forever!” might be a pretty fun video to do with a visiting model. ;)

On Saturday, there's a possibility we'll also be shooting a bondage wrestling match between me and Tyler Dare. This would be a little accessory project to a bigger shoot Hanz has been trying to set up with Tyler for his studio. He's been good enough to run point on scheduling this one as we've been back and forth A LOT trying to find a workable shoot time. Hoping this one will work out, but not certain, since the day's already drawing very near. If it does work, though, it'll create a four-day solid filming streak because...

The real heavy-hitting shoot in this story is set for Sunday. This one'll be a three-parter. First: Azy vs. Hanz Bondage wrestling. This will the first of the 2015 bondage wrestling projects Diablo mentioned in his Bondage Wrestling Blog to be realized (well, actually the 2nd IF we get in my rematch with Rachel on Friday - love achieving those to-do's!). I'm rooting for Azy, but I am a bit afraid for her. I would have to rank Hanz right along with Keri Spectrum as my most challenging bondage opponents to date. 

Second: a long-overdue new muscle worship video with me and Diablo – like the Pleasure and Pain video of 2013, but more vicious and sadistic ;) Not giving anymore hints than that. 

And Third: another “rematch” sort of video with me and Diablo, Volume 2 of our Immobilizing Holds judo pins video, also from 2013.

Now that's everything that's definite so far, but also ALL floating around waiting to get scheduled are requests for muscle worship with me and Mistress Trish, a 20-minute arm wrestling marathon, and new editions of our catballs, assassin scenarios, and superheroine prostyle matches.  A very exciting month coming up, with some very good connections to DM's (many!) roots.

And I'll just end with the excellent announcement that Howl is now back in NYC!  He was certainly missed all through the fall.  Plans are already in motion to get him into a new prostyle video and our first mixed catball video.  He's an adventurous one, is Howl ;)

I'll have to write some more introspective entries someday, when things are just a little calmer...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions!

Happy 2015, Everyone!

Here I am, making a gradual comeback from my holiday vacation.  I'll admit I've been taking it pretty easy over a pretty extended Christmas break this past week, but 2014 was such a non-stop, breakneck year, that this has been long overdue.  I won't be back to full-speed until the BJJ Academy reopens on Monday, but here's a little check-in meanwhile.

I've got some resolutions to declare here at the start of the year (how predictable!)  One is to whip this blog back into shape; I've let it sit for far too long!  I'm resolving to update weekly with a past week's recap and upcoming events preview.  I'm saying it "out loud" right now so everyone can hold me to it!

Resolution number two is to finally add a little more muscle mass to my physique.  I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished with my lifting, martial arts, and fitness training so far, but if there aren't new goals and challenges, a bit of the fun goes out it.  I feel I've been maintaining pretty much the same look and size for years now, and it's time to shake things up.  Plus, it does get old being smaller than pretty much everyone!

Now, realistically, I'm aware I don't have the genetic make-up to get huge, and I am absolutely determined to do this naturally, with no more supplementing than protein shakes.  Therefore, I'm not setting any absolute numerical goals like "+5 lbs. of muscle" or "+10 lbs. of muscle" or "+1 inch to bicep circumference."

My resolution is simply to follow the very best hypertrophy program I can for the next two months and see what I can do.  I'll be posting progress reports, photos, and measurements along the way. Now for some starting stats from today.  After a little bit of holiday relaxation and indulgence and a little head start to my hypertrophy program (started Dec. 27):

Weight: 125.2 lbs.
Biceps: 12 inches.

I was silly and didn't get a starting point photo today!  One will be coming soon.

And, of course, part two of resolution two (Res.2pt.2) is to cycle into a good cutting phase come March and end up in my best, most muscular bikini shape yet by summer.  Pictures and progress reports of that expected too.

And finally, this last one's not quite a resolution; it's more of a wish Diablo and I have been discussing while we've been laying plans for Doom Maidens and future video projects of 2015.  We're hoping to add to wrestling, bondage wrestling, pro-style, and other various video styles we love to produce more fantasy costume and storyline videos.  I think this would just be wildly fun. It's all very much in the planning/brainstorming stages right now, and as ever in New York City, the greatest hurdle we're running into is finding good-looking, available locations for more fantastical videos.  But I mention this in case anyone has ideas they'd like to contribute to this project, and so no one's surprised if I happen to turn up later this year in elf or alien or vampire garb!  ;)

And now back to the remainder of my vacation.  I've got a games night with friends and a bottle of Malbec all lined up for tonight :)

EDIT:  Adding the "Starting Point" photos I promised.  Here they are: