Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Challenge Match with Julie Squeeze!

September had this to say....

VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze
Competitive Female Wrestling

In this exciting competitive match-up, VeVe has her work cut out for her as she faces off against Julie Squeeze's powerful thighs, crushing scissors, and great athleticism.

This video match has special conditions: The ladies start off with an arm wrestling match, followed by a push-up contest. Then, in the 20 minute wrestling portion, all submissions are legal EXCEPT straight arm bars and rear naked chokes - two of VeVe's favorite and most common submission techniques!

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Julie Squeeze: 5'7" and 140 lbs

This video includes the arm wrestling warm up, push-up contest, and two 10-minutes rounds (20 minutes) of competitive wrestling.
Most submissions wins.

VeVe Lane vs Julie Squeeze at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

london wrestling trip 2010

So here I am, up bright and early on the morning after I returned from London. I'm headed into work in a moment (shoot me now!), but I wanted to get this blog up and posted first thing. I wrote most of this in London -- I had brought my laptop with the best of intentions of getting all caught up with all kinds of blog, website, and photo gallery work, only to find I had no wireless at the studio and was far too busy wrestling to search out an internet cafe. Wrestling's more interesting anyway, and now I can tell you about it...

I left New York Friday night and arrived in London Saturday morning. I’d only gotten such sleep as you tend to get on an airplane, but I had about four hours to get to Monica’s to wash up and rest a little before the tournament began. It took all four hours just to get there! First immigration was slooooow; then all the subway lines from the airport were closed due to a very specific and inconvenient labor strike; THEN after I got into central London two of the three lines across town (the two I tried first) were also closed for construction! I ended up arriving with most of the other wrestlers and guests, and it was pretty entertaining to see a swarm of wrestling-bound folks pour off the train at an otherwise totally quiet stop and all parade off through the streets together.

So I did arrive, and, thank god, I did manage the quickest shower I could before festivities officially began. And I didn't wrestle right away, so I had time to get pumped up and impatient, which did a lot to cancel out the travel fatigue. I had two matches, one against Zana, who gave me a very tough, exciting match. One of the gentlemen told me it was his favorite of the day, and I think it was pretty big hit generally. Zana told me afterwards that she’s a purple belt, so I was even more pleased to have done so well against her.

My second opponent was Victoria, and she surprised me. I’d seen her do light, sensual matches before and I knew she wasn’t a BJJ practicioner so I didn’t expect the very hard-fought, all-out fight we had. Monica told me later that Victoria had been nervous for our match and really turned up the intensity for it – and when she goes full force, she’s quick and very strong! I had to fight the whole match from the bottom since between the headlocks, guillotines, and scissors, Victoria hardly let go of my head for a second the entire time. But this gave me the chance to pull off some pretty stunning escapes and sneaky, strategic attacks. Definitely an excellent, excellent fight.

Some of the other highlights of the day were the matches between Adrianna and Nikita (two fairly new fly-weight wrestlers, who were quite a novelty as they made *me* look big) and all of Zara’s matches (she fought three to everyone else’s two, and I am beyond impressed with her for giving 110% every time against very tough opponents).

After the event, Zara, Monica, Richard, a few of the spectators, and I went out for delicious and much-needed Vietnamese food, and then I retired back to the studio for even more needed sleep.

We spent Sunday filming additional matches for another company; then went back to shooting for Monica in the evening when I did a competitive mixed match against Paul – a tri-athlete who also claimed to be undefeated in mixed wrestling.

Monday was filled with sessions and filming gi matches. I discovered that I’d remembered to bring my gi, but forgotton my belt, so I also got in my only sight-seeing that day when I went out shopping for one. I saw a lot of parks, packs of school children marching along in their uniforms, an old castle that had been converted into a rock climbing centre, and more kebab shops in five blocks than I’d thought there could be in the whole city. And I found my blue belt.

The gi matches were enormously fun to film; we did them as technical matches but with the added rule that you had to try to use your feet as much as possible, and the combination of traditional technique and creative foot tactics made for really inventive, entertaining fights.

Finally at the end of day, we fit in a bikini bout between Antscha and me. This one was a great, really active match, and it was especially fun because Antscha, who’s normally very serious, gets so happy when she wrestles that she grins and giggles even while she’s fighting extremely hard. She’s also got a perfect beautiful athletic look, so I think the match looked great in that respect too.

Tuesday I finally had a quiet morning and then headed off on a blessedly uneventful trip back to the airport. The flight back was a little more eventful -- I got to watch a couple meet and strike up an airline romance in the row in front of me, and I was seated right up against the stewardess lounge area and so was constantly surrounded by bubbly, sassy Southern stewardesses. (Don't know why all the London-to-New York stewardesses were from Atlanta, but they were.) Not as restful a flight as I anticipated! Back home now, and it was a very good trip :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

showcase report

So it's a new week and a new summer season, and Doom Maidens' second NYC Wrestling Showcase is in the books. I've had the chance to catch up on sleep (a little!); Damien has been working furiously to process all the excellent new video footage; Clobberetta vs. the Bulk was released Monday; and my match with Dominique came out just last night!

So in light of all that; I think now's the time for me to take a breath, look back, and offer up my report on the weekend.

First of all, I've got to say that putting on this event wasn't easy. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Rachel Sinclair, who spent 16 hours at the airport on Friday while the airline *tried to find her plane,* and Dominique Danger, who got a big scare when her hotel was almost unable to honor her reservation, for both showing up Saturday in game face and ready to fight. Thank you too to Lady Jaye Diesel for taking two tough matches on short notice when Allana was sidelined with an injury. And thanks to our generous sponsor who helped make this happen.

Now, best of all: the matches! We opened up with Rachel vs. Joe Jitsu, in which Rachel demonstrated her scissoring skill much to Joe's dismay.

My match with Dominique followed, and I was *very* happy with how this one went. This was a big challenge for me as I'm just coming back from a broken foot, and Dominique would count as one of the toughest opponents I've faced on any day! Not only did my foot hold up, but we both worked super hard and had a very fun, exciting, awfully sweaty match.

Jaye Diesel vs. Jay was next. The Showcase was my first time meeting Lady Jaye, and I have to say I did envy her shoulders. The match was a neck-and-neck close battle between two quite skilled grapplers. Jaye's matches sadly can't be released on video, but we respect her need for discretion, and it did create a special treat for our live event attendees.

Doom Maidens' own Amazon Annie next took on visitor Sherry Stunns, and I do believe Annie was surprised by Sherry's undaunted tenacity and fierceness when faced with Annie's superior size and technique. Excellent job, Sherry! And Annie too, of course. A close fight.

Next came the grudge match of the event: Clobberetta vs. the Bulk. These two had been trash talking each other for the last month, and I know they'd both been backing up the smack with dedicated training. So I'm very proud of both of them for their hard work, the big gains they've made in their grappling games, and the great show they put on Saturday. However, one of these two giants did get cut down to size...

Sherry vs. Rachel was our penultimate fight, and this one was a match like no other we've seen at Doom Maidens. I've never before witnessed two ladies who could be quite so playful and friendly while also trying to squeeze each other's heads off. Also, props to Rachel for the cutest sport shorts I've ever seen.

Aaaaand finally, our main event! Dominique and Jaye Diesel took to the mats, each bringing significant muscle and BJJ tournament experience. Jaye learned the disadvantage of wrestling in fishnets when every bit of slipperiness counts, but friction didn't hold her back *too* much. The match was so close it had to be decided in overtime.

After the show, wrestlers and guests hung around to chat and a few casual matches and impromptu extra videos took place. Rachel issued a challenge to the newest Doom Maiden Orlandoe -- or maybe it was the other way around; I don't know how these ladies started fighting -- and I tussled with Joe Jitsu.

After a much needed sushi feast with Amazon Annie and Hanz Vanderkil, Clobs, Damien, Joe Jitsu, his wife Mischa, and I headed out to the Stimulate dance party for a late night of celebrating. So much fun and so exhausting! I slept in on Sunday and really had to hustle to get to our second day of shooting.

Unfortunately on Saturday, Sherry had mysteriously fractured her elbow. She's not sure how it happened and it didn't even bother her until later that night, but she and I had to put off our planned match together. Really too bad! Rachel and I got to roll, though, and that was a fun match. Dominique also gave the Bulk a "birthday bashing." Way to go, Bulk! Over 50 and you've still got it -- the ability to get physically demolished by ladies, that is! And after everything was all over, Clobberetta and I had a quick, for-fun roll just to let off all the event-managing steam.

She and I headed over to the Folsom Street East Leather Fair afterwards to work late volunteer shifts and totally exhaust ourselves. It's too bad Joe and Mischa, who're the organizers of KGB (Kinky Grappling Boston), had to head home early Sunday or we would most certainly have hauled them along. Hot, hot evening sun, and the smells of leather and sunscreen really make for a perfect summer experience. Made *more* perfect by the following long walk through the West Village to the best gelato place in New York. That was *the* way to top off the weekend and treat myself after a job well done.

Now most of our guests have already left, and the rest will be headed out soon. So in conclusion, I'll say safe travels to everyone left with a journey to make, and THANKS AGAIN to all of you who made our Showcase weekend possible.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the big day is nearly here...

It's less than a week until the NYC Wrestling Showcase, so you might think that all my energy would be focused on preparing for the big event, but that would just be too easy! Things have been fiendishly busy in my wrestling world of late, in all kinds of ways.

It was quite excellent to have Jenny Sjodin visit NYC over tha past week. We shot a competitive mixed video, Jenny vs. Jay, between her and one of my own favorite grappling rivals, and she and Amazon Annie got to mix it up pro-style in a match for Southern Belles, to be released at a later date. Right in the middle of her visit, Clobberetta and I left on our whirlwind session trip to Virginia Beach. So sadly, Jenny and the Doom Maidens didn't get a chance to train together, but we did manage to get together for delicious drinks and a lovely night out on Sunday after Clobs's and my return.

We've also been working here to get the newest Doom Maidens up and running with their wrestling careers. Just tonight we shot a debut video match between Orlandoe and Ivy -- very intense and *exhausting* action! It will available no later than tomorrow. [ETA: It's available now!] The ever-quarrelsome Clobberetta was also in attendance and also planning to fight tonight, but she was denied! Since her original plan to challenge Annie was foiled by some unfortunate illness on Annie's part, she intended to take on the smaller Orlandoe and Ivy both together after their match. But time ran out, and the 8 o'clock studio renters started knocking on our door. Clobs may need to take her frustration out on *everyone* at training tomorrow.

And of course in the midst of all this, I *have* been preparing for the Showcase. This is going to be such an awesome event with such a fabulous crew of wrestlers. I just drew up the full list and schedule of fights for the weekend a day ago, and *damn.* We've got Clobberetta, Annie, Sherry Stunns, Rachel Sinclair, Dominique Danger, Allana, and myself all fighting. My personal picks that I'm really excited to see are: Annie vs. Sherry -- because I know Annie is out for blood, looking for a "decisive win" in this one, and I wish Sherry all the luck in the world fending her off! Clobberetta vs. the Bulk in their super heavyweight grudge match. And Dominique vs. Allana in their clash of the bodybuilders.

Despite the excellence of the Showcase fights, with so much talent in town we couldn't stop at just seven matches, so we'll be shooting on Sunday too -- a very full weekend! Dominique and Clobberetta will be rumbling, and Mark, my best-ever video victim, will be returning to suffer torment from Sherry and a special, MMA-style beating from me! Among still other matches...

I myself have been having to train very smartly to be ready for my fights next weekend, and I'll have to redouble that this week. I'll be coming off an injury, and I'll be ready to fight and thrilled to get back in action, but this is definitely the most challenging situation I've faced since I've been wrestling.

I'll be going against Allana, Sherry, and Rachel at various points in the weekend, and at the Showcase itself I'll be facing Dominique Danger. I'm excited to get a chance to grapple with all these new ladies but definitely most worried about the Dominique match. This is a 200-lb, seriously strong bodybuilder, who can *move* and trains legitimately in BJJ. I've seen her in action before, and power is the word for it. Holy shit. This isn't any kind of warm up match. I'm going to have to be at my absolute best, and I plan to be.

Enough talk! Sleep, and early morning academy training tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

virginia beach this weekend

Hi, Everyone,

Short notice, but I just wanted to announce for any of you that might be in the area that I'll be visiting Virginia Beach this weekend and passing through D.C. along the way. In between my beach-related activities (yay!), I'll be up for some wrestling action.

So if you'd like to get together for a match -- or some belly punching, muscle worship, photo or video shooting, etc. -- let me know!

And also a heads-up that I'll be travelling with my good friend and wrestling accomplice Clobberetta ( If you're looking for a heavyweight match, drop this girl a line!

Happy summer, and hope to see some of you soon!

- VeVe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

May, the good and the bad...

So June has been an interesting month for me... It started off with my breaking my foot a few weeks ago. Yes, it did happen grappling, and no it wasn't during competition or a session or training. Just messing around with a friend, wouldn't you know?

So that's really been a pain. I've not been able to keep off the foot nearly as much as I should since New York's such a walking city, and since the injury happened when I was travelling, I've had to go through a slow process to get a referral to a podiatrist close to home.

I'm really not used to being stuck with an injury I can't just tough out, and it's been driving me nuts to turn down matches lately -- sessions, videos with visiting wrestlers, rounds at the last Grapple Den. I've been worrying too about whether I would be recovered enough by June 5th to fight Xana at Monica's event in London -- after conferring with Monica just yesterday, we decided it's best if I don't make the trip. That's disappointing since I was really looking forward to that visit but also, actually, a relief. And the good news is that by playing it safe I'm 99.9% confident that I will be ready to go at the NYC Wrestling Showcase June 19th. (I'd better be; I'm scheduled to fight practically everyone!)

So here's the rest of the good news: I've been filling the time off my feet with some serious upper body work at the gym. It's always fun to make a new plan and set a challenging goal, whatever the circumstances. The goal here, volume! Oh so much lifting. Grueling but awesome. Hopefully, I'll have some good results to flaunt by showcase time.

And last but not at all least, some very exciting and unexpected news. Not one or two, but FOUR new ladies have come out to train with Doom Maidens in the past month! All looking to hone their grappling skills in preparation for video fighting and sessioning in the near future. (Perfect timing; these ladies can pick up the slack for me when I'm literally being lame - not that I'm planning on any more of these detestable injuries ever again!)

There's Clobberetta, a close friend and training partner of mine and a long-time regular and rough-houser at the Grapple Den, who's just about ready to make her official debut. She'll be taking on the Bulk in the coming showcase and also going public with her tremendous size and strength in the session world soon, where I know she's going to smother, crush, lift, and fight like no other.

And there's also Orlandoe, a capoeira expert with a Greco Roman background who's now also training to add submission grappling to her excellent and unique tool kit. She's a complete acrobat and a kicking phenomenon on her feet and a scrappy, whole-hearted warrior on the ground.

Two other ladies aren't quite ready to be introduced yet, so more about them later, but we did have everyone together at a rather epic training session lately. The new recruits teamed up with Amazon Annie and the dismay of Hanz and the Bulk!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battle of the Sizes!

Full match at our video store: VeVe Lane vs the Incredible Bulk: Mixed Wrestling

NYC Wrestling Showcase returns on June 19, 2010

The 2nd NYC Wrestling Showcase is coming up this June. It will be Saturday, June 19, from 2-5 pm at 440 Studios in the East Village. And we have quite a line up of guests and matches for that one. Here's the list of Superstar Guests:

Dominique Danger (Atlanta, GA)
VeVe Lane (NYC)
Clobberetta (NYC)
Rachel Sinclair (Florida)
Sherry Stunns (Cookville, TN)
Amazon Annie (NYC)
Allana (NYC and CT)

And the fight card:

1. Dominique Danger vs VeVe Lane
2. Clobberetta vs the Bulk
3. Rachel Sinclair vs Sherry Stunns
4. Sherry Stunns vs Amazon Annie
5. Rachel Sinclair vs Jay
6. Allana vs TBA

Advance discount tickets can be purchased here:

And the Showcase main website is here:

- VeVe

Sunday, May 2, 2010

VeVe Lane vs the Bulk!

Just released: a match between to arch rivals which took place a few short days following the January 23 NYC Wrestling Showcase....

VeVe Lane vs the Bulk
Mixed Wrestling

The Bulk and VeVe have always been at odds with each other, and they had met in wrestling combat before, but both had always claimed victory over the other. Now we'll see once and for all who can claim decisive victory, since this match is on video!

The Bulk comes in for a competitive bout, thinking to use his tremendous size advantage against the petite female wrestler. But VeVe uses her speed, agility, and artful submission skills to even up the odds.

It started out competitive, but once VeVe's endurance proved the better, Bulk faced a HUGE struggle to survive the final round.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 125 lbs
The Bulk: 6' and 300 lbs

Full details and full match available here:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My battle with Jenny Sjodin while she was in NYC

looking forward to tax day. what?!

The party is cancelled this month.

Ha, ha -- gotcha! April Fool's!!!

Actually, the April party is coming up fast -- just exactly as fast as the dreaded Tax Day deadline. That's right, we're reviving our venerable Tax Day Wrestling theme and holding the party on April 15th this month to give everyone a positive reason to look forward to the day. And the chance to sweat out any frustrations you may still be feeling after tallying that last column of digits and suffering those endless post office lines. After that, who wouldn't be ready for a fight?

To add to the post-taxes festivities, there will be grappling in a huge pile of (Monopoly) money -- a nod to those welcome returns hovering on the horizon.

I mention this now because, like I said, the day is fast approaching, and it's never too early for a reminder to finish those taxes or to start revving up for a night of underground wrestling. And also because I'm mad tickled to be making the playlist for this party, and will happily accept any suggestions for songs about money, riches, or dollars you can throw my way between now and then!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february super blog! Wrestling, amazons, southern belles, travel, Ziggy, and more!

February has been one busy month, exactly as I knew it would. And I've got two more weekends of travel coming up back-to-back starting with my flight to Atlanta this Friday. So from the eye of the storm, here's a report on what's been going on.

The month started off with a quick weekend in Providence, a few days of business as usual in NYC, and then a looong trek down to Florida. Amazon Annie's gotten very revved up to do more traveling lately, so she joined me on both trips. Providence was nice, but Florida was quite the epic.

To start with, we drove. Non-stop. Through a blizzard. And when I said Florida, I meant south Florida -- five extra hours after you first cross that Sunshine State border. And to cap it off, we had planned to have four drivers on this trip -- me, Annie, our videographer, and another friend -- but our videographer stayed home sick, so the rest of us took longer shifts. But then we arrived!

It was a good trip for sessions, but it was a great trip for videos! I got to have a match with Ziggy, something I was very excited about since I've heard so many fans speak so highly of her ever since I started wrestling. It was definitely a pleasure to meet and fight her.

We were stuck using the hotel room as a studio, but with (quite a lot of) remodeling, we turned it into a pretty decent wrestling space. And Annie got to discover her filming talents. It was a terrific, very even match, and I'm especially proud of the third round where we amped up the intensity despite the fatigue! And best of all the video is coming out on the Doom Maidens site TODAY!

Then on a stop in Sarasota, I went in for a shoot with Grappling Girls. That one was really neat because my opponent brought his wife along, and she even participated in the video (heckling him from the sidelines, poor guy!) Very fun, and since I meet so many men who tell me their wives or girlfriends aren't into or don't understand wrestling, it always gives me warm fuzzies to meet a couple that enjoys it together. And, appropriately, this shoot was on Valentine's Day!

There was a little free time before we headed back north to meet up with some friends for a picnic at the beach. It was little chilly, but nothing could stop Annie from diving straight into the water. The rest of us (all grapplers) hung about for a bit discussing how sand is a horrible! surface for wrestling, until someone showed up with a volleyball, and we got sporty that way. Managed to get a little sunburned, and it says something about how starved for summer I am that I was happy about it!

Then the drive north. From headquarters back in the city, our videographer had managed to connect with Southern Belles Wrestling in NC and arrange a video stop for Annie and me along the way. Great way break up the trip and stretch not just the legs but everything! Annie and I did a match together, and then we each did a match with one of Southern Belles' regulars Tyler. Tyler was great to fight and to see in action. She's a very accomplished, athletic pro-style wrestler, very pretty, and has a totally savvy, with-it personality that made her great to work with.

It was quite interesting to see and feel how everyone's different styles interacted in this set of matches. Annie and I paired up to give a classic submission grappling perfomance -- of course! I felt like my match with Tyler was a sub grappling meets pro-style concoction, and Tyler and Annie got fully into pro-style with A LOT of lifts and scissors. And then back on the road.

I spent most of this past week resting up after the big adventure but took a definite break from resting for the Rumble in the Jungle party on Thursday. Annie masterminded and hosted this party in true Amazonian style -- she even hooked me up with a Poison Ivy costume of her design. I'm told there are some pretty terrific photos floating around that I must see. The party's going with a scheme where regular guests are going to present their own theme parties this spring. In March, Hanz Vanderkill and Clobberella present: Das Wrestlefest! I'm psyched and also incredibly amused.

And like I mentioned, looking forward it's going to be Atlanta this weekend. Then Columbus for the Arnolds Expo the next. Looking forward to a bit of a wrestling reunion at the Arnolds with the crew from Madison, and also very excited to finally be competing again!

More to report soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

figure contest photos

If you haven't seem them already, you can find my figure contest photos upload to my MySpace page. From my very first contest, October 2009:

VeVe Lane's MySpace profile

Friday, January 29, 2010

NYC Wrestling Showcase DVDs now available!

Greetings Doom Maidens Fans!

I am please do announce that ALL of the matches from this past weekend's NYC Wrestling Showcase are now available on DVD through our video store.

This is the multi-DVD compilation of the 6 Super Fight matches that took place at the first NYC Wrestling Showcase on January 23, 2010, as well as 3 bonus mixed matches that were not part of the original Showcase schedule.

Matches are all three 5-minute rounds (except VeVe vs Brooklyn Surfer, which is two 5-minute rounds).

Here's the match break down by disc:

Disc 1
1. Kim of Italy vs The Bulk (competitive mixed)
2. Veronica Vicious vs Lex (competitive mixed)
3. VeVe Lane vs Jenny Sjodin (competitive female)

Disc 2

Disc 3
7. VeVe Lane vs Brooklyn Surfer (competitive mixed)
8. Kim vs Jay (competitive mixed)
9. VeVe vs Ben (competitive mixed)

Downloads for all of these matches are coming soon, but they will be released slowly as we prepare the materials. However, the DVDs are all ready to go now. So, for those of you who prefer DVDs to downloads, here you go:

By the way, you can purchase the 3 DVDs together, or any one individually, or any combination of 2. We're flexible.

If you have any questions about any of the matches on the DVDs, feel free to ask me. I just won't tell you who wins what!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

wrestling showcase report!

So it has been an awesomely full and wonderful weekend. The first ever NYC Wrestling Showcase went better than I could ever have hoped.

The turnout was incredible -- we had about 60 people in the room at one point, which with 150 sq. ft. of mat laid down was pretty much capacity. Thirteen guys came as part of a bachelor party and threw the groom-to-be on the mat with Amazon Annie. One fellow brought an entire gang of his women friends, who got very invested in the battles of the ladies on the mat.

The audience energy really helped rev up the fighters; it was great to hear the cheering, applause, and the coaching in -- though some of the "coaches'" advice was a little crazy ;) The action in the fights was excellent. There was A LOT of competitive grappling, and with the expection of Veronica and Juliette's grudge match the fights were all very sporting, fun, and good-spirited. But no less intense for that!

The whole thing ran very smoothly and to schedule -- despite Veronica Vicious's breezing in just 10 minutes before her first match, executing a very suspensefully and fashionably late entrance. But that's just classic Vicious. A great experience and total inspiration to do more showcases like this in the future (though next month back to the regular Grapple Den party format.)

So Saturday I had two matches of my own -- my rematch against Jenny Sjodin and a shortie against Brian, an excellently skilled freestyle wrestler friend of mine. Jenny is just as good as I remember her being from London -- it was fantastic to see her again, and to fight her, of course! The two of us are a dead even match up in skill. And in the match with Brian -- he gave me some serious trouble, but I was thrilled to get a knee bar submission on him. I never get those!

Probably my favorite match to watch was Annie and Brian's scissors wrestling fight. Brian's a smaller guy, but strong and a bit of a takedown artist, so it was something to see him lift Annie (4" taller and 50 lbs. heavier) and take her to the ground. But on the ground her size mattered, and she was able to smother and grapevine him into submission. Quite a lot of non-scissors action for a scissors match, actually.

And today we were back at it, shooting four more (extremely competitive) videos back-to-back: Jenny vs. Kim II, a wrestling-booted commission match for Southern Belles Wrestling, which had to be decided in overtime; Me vs. Ben, a bout wherin I braved the onslaught of a rampaging freestyler who actually slammed me; Kim vs. Jay, a match-up between two of my best former opponents featuring some intense flexibility on Kim's part; and Me vs. Jenny III, an epic, 40-minute battle half in gi and half in no-gi also featuring my record-setting smallest thong ever.

We wrapped up both days of wrestling with relaxation and fine dining at a couple of excellent restaurants. And that's really been a highlight of this weekend -- the chance to see and hangout with Jenny and Kim while they're visiting from Europe, to bring together so many great people from the New York scene, to introduce and connect everyone to everyone, to trade stories and make plans for future travel, events, and training, and to realize just what awesome people I tend to know and work with.

And now there is SO much video editing to do, but my videographer is a beast of efficiency and the compilation DVD of Saturday's fights will be available at the Doom Maidens Video Store in no time with downloadable versions of the individual matches to be released sequentially soon after...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on January 23 Showcase

I've been observing all of this video trash talking battle between Veronica and Juliette, and so, I thought I'd talk a bit about my match with Jenny coming up at the NYC Wrestling Showcase, January 23, 2010.