Monday, March 26, 2012

pandora's visit and rubber ball

So last week was a super-busy one for me.

To start with, I had my last acting class on Wednesday -- it was very good to get that wrapped up before heading into this weekend's set of shoots and next weekend's travel.  If the class hadn't ended, I think my scene partners would have been pretty disappointed in my availability to rehearse, in fact.  My final scene didn't go as magically, perfectly well as the one the week before, but I was almost glad since there'd been a slightly creepy feeling to everyone loving a performance I thought was only pretty decent.  Also the things the professor critiqued were the same things that my incredibly difficult scene partner had been giving me trouble over all through rehearsal, so the bitch in me quite enjoyed seeing her smacked down.  That woman even accused me of grabbing her too hard and making her forget her lines, even though *she* is the one who grabs *me* in the scene.  The prof saw straight through that one, heh, heh.

So class was fun, and while it's sad to just leave it, I'll be thrilled to get back to Muay Thai and the women's BJJ class in the evenings, and I do feel I rather dodged a bullet in getting out of the pairing with that last partner.

Saturday was the next big day.  Athena, Diablo, and I all met up with a visiting model Pandora to shoot a series of three videos.  The first was a judo/grappling custom with Pandora and me.  We were both wearing gis and, to start with, *intense* high-heeled pumps.  The shoes fly off quickly, but even so, I'm proud of us for not taking out each other's eyes in the first minute.  It was a video really emphasizing foot chokes, so that brought the shoes and later the heels, soles, and painted toes, right up in both our faces.  And it wraps up with the loser worshiping the winner's feet :)

Next, Pandora and Athena were slated for a catfight, but Pandora realized that since she still had one more shoot booked after ours, it wouldn't be a good time to chance a black eye.  So Diablo chivalrously volunteered to step in and take on both ladies in a no-striking, 2-on-1, pantyhose match (he's such a giver!).  Of course, this worked for him exactly as well as jumping into a pit of snakes, as the ladies' pantyhosed legs entwined and constricted him every which way.  Afterwards, he said he wished he'd had the camera with him in the match to shoot POV because he would look up at times and see nothing but feet.  It was a great improvisation, but Athena had been really raring for that catfight; I think we'll have to set another up for her soon...maybe with me?

Our last shoot was a bondage match between Pandora and me.  Pandora had a tough time in this one -- she was new to the game and tried to learn on the go, but I stayed a step ahead.  We wore stockings and garters for this one, and one of the first things I did was lash her black-stockinged ankles together with the white rope.  She was at a huge disadvantage after that.  Eventually I was able to get her completely bound and even practice a tiny bit of artistic rope-weaving to top off the tie.

Looking over the footage of all these videos afterwards, I was so pleased with all the colors of the gis, shoes, toes, stockings...quite lovely to watch.  A very productive afternoon!

I rushed out for some emergency shopping after that -- I was going to the Rubber Ball that night, where the International Miss Rubber contest was being held, and I needed some attire.  Or in my case, some non-attire.  Two stores I checked were sold out of latex body paint, and I only managed to run in and get it from a third store as they were closing down around me.  Then back home to spend something like three hours painting myself, jeopardizing my carpet, and lubricating the process with good wine.  Yay, pre-party.  I ended up with painted-on gloves, stockings, and pasties, and not much else.  And, boy, did this ever end up alarming the door guards at the swanky hotel where the ball was held.

Finally managed to arrive!  Diablo came with me, and we met Indra and her date there.  We continually hear from Indra that American fetish parties don't compare to London's (which begs for me to get over there and visit some of London's).  It's true the play area was very small and most of the party was devoted to the Miss Rubber contest events and the latex fashion show intermission entertainments, but I saw that Indra had still found herself some worshipers and victims by the end of the night.  I loved watching the performances myself, and enough people asked me whether I was one of the models that I think I'll have to look into doing that next year.  Various brilliant latex designers were all showcasing their work, I'd have been delighted to wear most any of those pieces.  Indra's date did get pictures of my much more minimal costume -- hoping to see those soon and that they turned out!

And now, coming up for this week -- tomorrow I'm presenting a demo "Wrestling for Domination" at TES, an NYC BDSM club.  I've given this demo a few times before, and I always try to keep the classic information -- favorite holds, dominating positions, a bit of physical domination theory -- in tact, while also updating with new info and the latest things I've been working on.  It's bugged me that at a former demo a woman asked me "how can a smaller, weaker person dominate a larger opponent for real?" and I didn't have a better answer than "train seriously in grappling for at least two years."  Tomorrow, answers to to that question!  As well as wrestling domination games, scenarios, and "next steps" -- what to do *after* you've wrestled your prey down.  Should be a lot of fun!  Tuesday, 8-9:30 pm, Joria Studios, 260 W. 36th St., 3rd Floor, Manhattan.

Also, still on schedule for my Nashville trip next weekend.  Honestly, the timing here has turned out to be awful and I'm pretty annoyed.  Didn't realize when I scheduled this one that Sweatshop, a very interesting-sounding new pro-domme party, would be this Friday in New York -- I hope the other Doom Maidens ladies make it out to support and investigate without me and that the party's a great success so they'll throw another I can attend in April.  Also, my flights got all shifted around so I'll end up flying way before a reasonable wake-up time, on my birthday no less, and landing in frickin' Newark.  I am counting on an AWESOME stay in Nashville to make up for this!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

video mega-shoot and acting class

I wanted to post a wrap-up of Tuesday's super-shoot yesterday, but my office job pretty much swallowed me whole from nine straight through to five, and after that I had my second-to-last winter term acting class.  That was fun but a little odd -- more about that later.

First, the shoot!  I would like to say that it was amazing!  We ended up only being able to get the studio for two hours, and we still managed to shoot seven videos PLUS take new profile pictures for Clobberetta and Nyx while only going 10 minutes over and *slightly* annoying the studio mangager.  HUGE thank you to everyone for being so on target.

The really unusual thing about this shoot was that I was hardly in any videos myself.  Though I do love jumping into the fray, this night was all about showcasing new and returning talent and never-before-seen skills from other wrestlers, which was exactly perfect.  I got to do a little camera work and little directing, and it was fantastic to get to watch the other ladies work, especially seeing their different styles back-to-back like that.  Clobberetta has a big bluff 'n' tough attitude; Nyx is more of a princess, letting her victim know just how gross it is that he's sweating on her while she squeezes him; and Orlandoe is simply insane!!!  But at least she knows it.

We started with Clobberetta's mixed domination video -- she grabbed an unsuspecting victim out of the hallway, tossed him on the mats, and proceeded to launch her comeback with a bang.  I LOVED watching the little guy try to crawl and scramble away as she stalked him across the mats, and when she shouted at him "I was looking for a fight, not a dog!" it was totally priceless. 

Nyx's domination of Diablo followed, and she showed she's a lady who can make scissoring a guy's head look classy and fashionable.  Next, onward to armwrestling -- this was where I got to make a brief visit to the mat.  Orlandoe and I carried our rivalry to yet another arena:  Arm Wrestling: VeVe vs Orlandoe.  I've already been notified that my form is terrible, but I do show off a lot of bicep.  And with corrections to my form (Who knew?  Probably everyone; I feel like a dolt), I may soon be ready to take the arm wrestling world by storm!

We moved next to a pair of specially commissioned tickle domination videos.  Poor Ben got to learn the true meaning of tickle torture as he was the requested victim for both clips.  In his bout with Orlandoe, that sneaky sadist AGAIN pullled a dirty trick to bind her victim's hands right at the top of the match, and after that no matter how much Ben squirmed and thrashed (and yipped, laughed, and gasped) she always managed to recapture his feet and continue tickling his soles.  Ben was looking for a break to catch his breath after that, but it was not to be!  Straight on to another round with Clobberetta, in which she repeatedly forced him into Indian deathlocks, pinning his arms behind his back and exposing his feet, and tickled away.

Our very last video was with Orlandoe, and I will repeat that she is crazy!  She also definitely has an issue with me -- she claimed that my wrestling domination videos are no good and that she could "out-domme" me.  To prove her point, she seized our cameraman, and if domination means choking and choking and choking your victim, I will admit she is damn good at it.  But better than me, I will not admit!  ...Actually, I am a big enough person to admit there is at least one department where Orlandoe is better than me -- I wish I had her legs.  Between the light and the shiny sweat and her nicely muscled capoeira legs, she looked awesome in this video.  But still psychotic!  She even told Diablo (while choking him) that she wished it was my neck she was squeezing.  I may need to be afraid.

That was the shoot! 

My other story is about last night's acting (scene study) class.  I'd previously done only a short practice scene and the beginning of a scene I had to abandon when my partner up and left on a three-week vacation in Brazil (and didn't take me with her, bitch).  This was my first "big" scene, and I was very excited for it because without performing you don't get critiques and feedback, and without that it might as well not be a class.  But after presenting, the only feedback I got was "wonderful, beautiful, great interpretation, great execution."  Now that's extremely nice, don't get me wrong, but damn it, I wanted to know how to make it better!  The scene felt *pretty good* to me, but certainly not perfect.

The really funny thing was that suddenly after I got this great review from the prof, other students I'd never even talked to before came up and started asking me for advice...but the thing they mostly asked about was how to be more comfortable wearing less clothing on stage!  The scene called for me to wear lingerie and attempt to seduce a reluctant man, so I suppose I put on a bit of a show there.  Somehow I don't think that "work out a whole lot and then practice doing sexy wrestling in front of a camera," is advice these ladies will be able to use.  (But who knows?!)  Last night gave me the feeling that domination wrestling is better preparation for acting than acting is for domination wrestling.  But quite likely that only applies to that scene.  I don't want to be cocky, and I DO want critiques.  Next week the Brazilian vacation partner returns, and we'll get to revive our daughter-fighting-with-mother scene.  We'll see how something different goes.

Monday, March 12, 2012

filming and travel galore!

Before I start talking about relevant wrestling stuff, I just have to do quick rant about the most obnoxious bus experience ever.

Though I've been warned time and again about Chinatown buses,  I've always defended them, and, in truth, I've never had a bad experience.   That is until this past Friday.  I was headed up to Albany, and when I arrived at the bus stop, the bus was there and waiting.  I was thrilled; this was unmatched punctuality!  But in fact, it turned out the bus was only there because it had flat-out skipped a stop before and planned to turn around, drive the wrong way through Manhattan rush-hour traffic, and only then turn around AGAIN and finally drive the right way.  I ended up grossly late to a session that I had deliberately scheduled with buffer time in case the bus was late!  I felt terrible - and also SO annoyed.

I have figured out what it is - Boston, D.C., the places with multiple Chinatown lines serving them - you'll be OK; competition is a lifesaver (or at least a huge timesaver) here.  Beware the Albanies!

OK, I feel better for having vented that.  Onto wrestling -

So much coming up!  We have a big six-person video shoot scheduled for tomorrow night.  Actually, I'm sure I'll have to write a ton more after this adventure goes down, but this is to set the stage.  We have coming:

Orlandoe -- who's been doing an awesome job as the nasty heel in some of my recent videos, but we feel the time has come for her to branch out, take on some new opponents, demolish some men, and move beyond this petty rivalry with me (before I totally kick her ass for that stunt she pulled in Bondage Wrestling Trickery!).  We're thinking pantyhose domination and forced arm-pit worship from her, and possibly some mixed competitive.

Clobberetta -- who is back on the wrestling mats after a brief hiatus.  She's going to be coming back with a bang; we have a competitive match with Nyx lined up for her -- she'll be facing a female opponent with more formal grappling training than she's got.  Clobs will still have the weight advantage but not as much of one as she's used to; Clobs is down to 270 these days, and Nyx weighs in at 190!  Afterwards some pinning, crushing, and facesitting of small men is lined up for Clobs.

Nyx -- a newcomer to wrestling videos but not to wrestling.  She's a student of BJJ, with some height and weight to back up her skills.  She'll be challenging Clobs as mentioned, but afterwards will also likely be joining in the wrestle-crushing of small men fun.  That should be great to see -- Nyx has quite a voluptuous and elegant look.

Our boys, Diablo & Ben -- Poor souls.  Both these guys have got wrestling chops in their own rights, but they're outnumbered 2 to 1, and in two cases heavily outweighed by their female predators -- I mean opponents.  Could be we'll see them pinned at the bottom of a pile of ALL these ladies by the end of the night, who knows?!

Me -- no telling where I'll be jumping into this crazy mix tomorrow!  I think there's been some call for a mixed singlet match?  Unless Orlandoe fields that request...  See, all the options are the trouble with having so many wrestlers for a shoot.  We actually put out a call for votes and match suggestions earlier today; there's still time to write in...

The other big item on the agenda is all the travel planning I've been doing lately.  Another instance of "there will be more to say AFTER the trips," but here at least is a listing of the travel announcements I've got to make.  In the next few months I'll be available for wrestling sessions (and of course video and photo shoots) here, here, and here:

March 30:  Nashville
April 14 & 15:  Parsippany, NJ
April 20 & 21:  Chicago
June 16 & 17:  Phoenix
Aug. 31 - Sept. 2:  Montreal

And that's not to say that's the only travel I'll be doing.  That's just what I've got scheduled so far!  Contact me to schedule a meet up in any of these cities.

Look out for the filming report on Wednesday!  And send match suggestions before 9 pm Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend film and photo adventures

Well, I actually expected to have a bit more of a blog entry about this weekend's music video shoot, but it turned out to be simple affair.  Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun, so here's a quickie description -

A visual artist-photographer friend of Orlandoe's needed footage of people wearing armor for a music video she's making for a song on a theme album about Joan of Arc.  Since Diablo and I vacation every summer fighting in a giant medieval re-enactment war, we happened to be in a good place to help out.

It turned out there wasn't any sparring or warring needed - all the footage was of armoring up, still poses, and disarming.  One of the poses, though, was a lift & carry -- so that was me in my armor (+35 lbs) with Diablo (165 lbs) in his armor (+50 lbs) on my back.  That was to create a surreal effect, which it definitely did!  I was pretty proud of myself over that for sheer weight handled and for dealing with the awkward bulkiness.

It seems like the finished project will involve a lot of digital effects and editing, so I've no idea what my part in it will ultimately look like, but I can't wait to see!

So, in exchange for the help with armor, the photographer did a very nice photo shoot for me afterwards.  This involved Diablo and me in lots of different pantyhose and spandex outfits doing pro-wrestling style holds.  Most of the shots are for a custom photo order, but we did a few for my use, and I'm also hoping the custom sponsor will agree to let me share a few more.  I suspect they came out very well - I get the files later tonight!