Tuesday, August 28, 2012

late summer wrap-up

I'm getting a little distressed as I look at the calendar and realize I'm days away from September.  Summer is my favorite season BY FAR, and this year it's been so busy, I feel like I haven't had a chance to enjoy it.  I've certainly enjoyed all the training, wrestling, and travel, of course, but I feel like I haven't gotten to really stop and appreciate the summer itself, if you know what I mean.

Mixed Wrestling Gauntlet
This past month gives the perfect example -- I had a combo get-away + session tour scheduled for early August.  The weekend before, I had a huge four-match video shoot set up with Tommi and Mahea during their NYC visit.  But just as everyone was arriving for the shoot, we got word that Tommi and Mahea were having an accommodations crisis and would need to reschedule.  Since everyone else was there already, we went ahead with the shoot...with me fighting Diablo and Hanz back-to-back in an Exhaustion Gauntlet Match.  

My match with Tommi
My match with Mahea
And THEN we proceeded to reschedule with Tommi and Mahea for various weekday times, which meant that I had to bolt out of my office on two different days to do my matches with them during my lunch breaks!

I was feeling very accomplished and super-pleased with all the fantastic wrestling action after this but also super-ready for that vacation.  But it was not to be, at least not as planned.  Diablo was coming with me on this trip, and the very day we were to leave he tore his MCL (a knee ligament) in morning BJJ class.  We still made it to Wildwood and D.C. (an especially fantastic stop, by the way, with great sessions, great people, and a lovely microbrew pub dinner with friends).  But we cut out the stop in Charleston, which was to be the most relaxing and beach-y, and brought him back to NYC for a doctor's appointment in the middle of the week.

We've since gotten good (and bad) news back from the doctor.  The tear is only partial and will heal on its own...but that will take six to eight weeks.  So I'm happy (and sad) for him, and relieved (and disappointed) that soon but not as soon as I'd like, I'll get my best training partner and video victim back.

So that brought me up to practically the end of the summer in a whirlwind, and am I ever working on making up for lost time now.  This past weekend was glorious -- on Saturday instead of going to class, I took my Muay Thai gear out into the park for a little open-air training.  And on Sunday I finally did make it out to the beach on Long Island where I soaked up sun and discovered an amazing little place that makes its own turtle cheesecake ice cream.  And I did get myself home in time for one Sunday night video shoot -- an utterly fun bondage custom with princess dresses.  Oh, how I love costumes!

Now, with Labor Day weekend up next, Indra is back in New York, and she and her plus-one will be joining Diablo and me for a holiday trip up to Montreal Fetish Weekend.  Road trip + Indra at a multi-day fetish gala -- this couldn't promise to be more fun.  I still have a little shopping to do to create the most fantastic domina attire possible, and there will most certainly be pictures.  And dancing.  And pictures of dancing.

That's it for now; more after this coming weekend adventure...