Saturday, February 28, 2015

most epic bondage wrestling I've ever had...and probably ever will!

Oh, my fucking god.  Well, whatever else I might have written about this week just got blown out of my mind by the insane bondage wrestling match I just had with Kevin.  I'm recovering/refueling right now with a ton of sushi and some nice red wine, and it's fresh in my mind.  So that's it; that's what this post will be:  a report on that match.

I can't do a play-by-play because there's actually TOO much for me to remember (by "fresh" I may have meant kind of a blur).  Diablo actually had to pause us in the middle of the match to change the camera battery -- that's how long this marathon went on!  It also meant that at the end, we weren't totally sure how long we'd gone -- we guessed 90 minutes.  But Diablo just put the two parts into the editing program, and told me it came to almost two hours!

So no play-by-play.  Here are an overview and my general impressions.

I had fought Kevin before early last fall, so I knew he was going to be tough.  He's a solid wrestler and grappler (with training in both styles) and solid in terms of size too -- he was 180 last fall.  I didn't think it would matter much, but I was pleased going into this match that I'd bulked up 10 pounds since last time.  The sneaky bastard had too!  He was 190 today.  Plus, I knew that Kevin was the sort who really wanted to win and wouldn't give up for practically anything.

When we fought last fall (a combo of facesit pins style and submission style), it took me about 30 minutes to get a submission on him.  I knew this would be harder.   I maintain that a basic quality of bondage wrestling is that it's harder than submission wrestling -- you can get a submission from countless different positions; when it's on right, it only has to last a split second; and when it's over, it's over.  When you get a good tying position on someone, it has to be somewhere that hides the knot from their hands and teeth; I have to hold it long enough to get the knot tied; and once it's done, it has to keep holding while they struggle and I work to tie other limbs.  A huge advantage of mine is that most other people aren't experienced with how to finish a tie in competitive real time, but huge advantages of my opponents (especially big strong ones) are that they don't need to finish a tie to make a few wraps of the rope into an annoying handicap and that they can be extremely frustrating by  just focusing on removing ties.

So we jumped in.  Right away I was reminded of my tangle with Danger Dude in the Battle of the Sexes 4-Way Bondage Wrestling.  Smaller or less skilled opponents aren't much trouble for me to sweep over and then attack from on top, but bigger, experienced guys can make me fight from the bottom.  It's a fine position for BJJ, but, honestly, I don't usually have to deal with that in bondage wrestling.  I experimented for a while to see if I could rope Kevin from the bottom of guard, but he kept pulling his arms up and out (and all the while attempting to wrap my arms as well).  This went on long enough to become aggravating and tiring.  I realized this was too much like the match with Danger Dude -- it wasn't a particular opponent thing but a general thing -- bottom of guard is a crummy place to secure ties.

I realized I had two options -- eliminate distractions, throw the ropes away for a while, and rely on pure grappling technique to the get a sweep; or rope a leg instead of an arm and use the attachment to force the sweep.  Either way I needed a big effort to get on top.  Well, I went for my big effort -- a few times, in a few different ways, I think -- and at one point we broke apart...I dove for his ankle...he sprawled on top of me to defend...I caught myself with my hand turned just a little funny...and I sprained my thumb.

Oh, no!!  That was about the worst thing that could have happened.  Thumbs are pretty damn important for tying ropes.  They're also important for all kinds of grabbing, catching, propping, and pushing in grappling.  What had already been a hard match just became colossally challenging.  But neither Kevin nor I was about to give up.

I admit things became a bit of a mess and kind of emotional after that.  With my thumb hurting and also frustrating the hell out of me when it wouldn't work as well as I wanted, and with the match getting longer and longer and more exhausting, AND with my needing to call up some pretty big bursts of strength to move Kevin around, AAAANND with him torturing me by escaping several times from ties that were SO close, I went into drama mode.  I did a lot of yelling, sometimes from exertion and sometimes from frustration.

Kevin, obnoxiously, thought this was funny instead of terrifying.  He was clever enough to steal some rest at various times when I was working to tie him, and explode out when he'd caught his breath and I was just about to get somewhere with the knots.  He kept threatening me too, and at one point when I was just too tired to do much about it, he almost had me...but the ropework was too messy to hold once I caught my breath.  Two can play at that game, Kevin!

I'm not going to give away the ending here, but what I will say is that that was one of the hardest, and definitely the longest, match of my life.  And two hours in there was a final tie.  What finally made the difference was a pull-out-the-stops, tight-as-hell chicken-wing tie.  But how it happened, and to whom, and what happened next is a secret!  ...until the video comes out.

UPDATE March 5:  The video is now released!  Find it HERE.

Plus, Promo Pics!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

camera never stops rolling!

Damn, getting a little behind on the blogging again.  Well, I've noticed that that either happens when there's nothing going on (nothing to write about) or too much going on (no time to write about it).  And nothing going on has NOT been the problem lately!

This past week was full of a series of very interesting shoots.  This started out with my Valentine's Day bondage wrestling match with Howl.  Honestly, I can hardly believe this was just a week ago now, there's been such excitement in between!  But anyway, we had had a big 3-couples (6 people) bondage wrestling EVENT planned for V-Day, but due to a combination of bad weather and some very poorly timed romantic trouble, Howl and I were the only two able to show up of the original six.  So poor Howl had to bear all the punishment I'd been planning for five people ;)

Honestly, I was super-impressed with how well Howl did in this the start.  So many of my bondage opponents put all their energy into defending against me, when really "a strong offense is the best defense" is especially true in bondage wrestling.  So he did a great job of attacking early and almost got my feet tied together, but he didn't quite have the edge to capitalize on that, and I paid him him back with some extra-tight binding and ball-gagging later.  But, truly, Howl is one of our local wrestlers taking the most interest in improving his game right now -- he puts up a great fight against any odds, and he came out to our Tuesday night training session on last week.  Not that I'm going to let him be a threat to me, but I'm getting worried for some of our local ladies seeing how motivated he is!


OK, skipping ahead to Wednesday, which was the uber-shoot day of the week.  Actually, it involved two very cool, but very different shoots.  Everything started out nice and civilized -- Diablo and I paid a call on Robin at her Manhattan hotel to film a tickling custom video and a bondage wrestling match.  This was the sort of shoot where everything goes smoothly and perfectly (they do happen!).

Robin is awesome to work with and super on-the-ball.  When we did our bondage wrestling, even though she was certain to lose, she put up a great, very feisty struggle and even had fun losing.  I got her legs frog-tied and her elbows cinched behind her back and she almost cracked me up trying to box and kick at me all hobbled like that!  And she was a great sport as I experimented with some hair-tying.  I get a little carried away...


After that, Diablo and I headed out to New Jersey to a studio we'd never been to before and with snow starting to fall, to meet up with Keri, Danger Dude, and Frankie for a Battle of the Sexes 2-on-2 Competitive Bondage Wrestling Experiment.  I think of this shoot as a "Wild West" moment in wrestling.  Everyone was excited to give the match a shot, and both the ladies' team and the guys' team were feeling really confident about scoring the win, but we had just simply never tried this style of match before.  And some of the competitors had never fought each other or even really met before that night.  There was no time limit or no pre-determined outcome.  There was a lot of ego, and there were some expectations, but no body knew what would really happen...

What happened was that it turned into a hard, long match.  While it was happening I think we all gave up hope that it could ever end with one side actually managing to win (I know I did).  When the win finally happened, we were all a little too exhausted to realize quite how it had happened.  Afterwards, Diablo (who was filming) said he was scared for us several times watching all the crashing and colliding and that he hadn't thought it would be that intense.  Keri had expected the intensity, but I think not the duration.  And I had made the mistake of underestimating Frankie -- he can get himself into trouble on his own, but he worked well in a team with Danger Dude.  I think we all felt kind of shell-shocked but accomplished afterwards.  AND after all that, Diablo and I had to make a freezing, late-night trip back to New York on some never-coming trains...suffer for art, oh yes!!  The day after was a total loss, I'm telling you.


OK, then after a day of rest, on Friday I rounded out the week with one more video with Howl.  This one was a Boston crab domination video -- not quite the adventure of the Wednesday shoot, but notable because a) I thought it went very well and turned out quite cool, b) Howl is super-flexible and great for Boston crabbing, and c) I finally got to wear a really nice costume I'd been looking for a reason to use.  (A fan bought me this great, shiny gymnastics leotard for a video back in December but then decided he preferred one with long sleeves.  I've been waiting and waiting to use the sleeveless version!)


That brings me up to the present, but there is plenty more to come very, very soon.  Tomorrow, Hanz and I are filming with Shauna Ryanne -- there's some bondage, superheroine, tickling, and competitive action planned.  And at the risk of turning this into a really marathon shoot, this is also the last call for custom requests for Shauna!


Also hoping to meet up with Indra, who's had a killer busy February, for some long-awaited filming in the first week of March.


And finally, I've gotten word that Lia Labowe will be visiting again March 5-8.  We're in the process of planning another shoot, so custom requests for Lia are welcome too!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

february adventures and frustrations

Well, I did get a bit behind on my blogging.  February has a way of mucking things up.  I could spend multiple posts just bitching about winter, but I'll contain myself and give a little catch-up report here instead.  (There's bound to be some bitching about winter though...)

Early in the month I made a very nice little overnight trip to Philadelphia.  It had been a couple years since I visited Philly for sessions, and, honestly, I remembered it as not such a lively wrestling town as D.C., Chicago, Detroit -- places I try to visit often.  But this was a terrific trip, very busy and, as it turned out, too short.  Also, some of the sessions were more competitive than I expected, which was a nice, invigorating surprise.  I was even sore after one of them, which doesn't usually happen, so I can just imagine how the guy felt the next day ;)  (Actually, he wrote me a very nice follow-up email to let me know exactly how sore he was...)

And as an added bonus, on the way out of town I discovered a really terrific Irish pub serving Doppleschwarz...yeah, I know that's mixing nationalities a bit, but it was delicious enough to be worth it.  I'll have to go back.  So it looks like I may need to add Philly to my developing East Coast Tour roster in August and get back soon.

In other news, my hypertrophy program efforts have been continuing.  It is just as hard as I expected to add mass while also keeping up with BJJ and Muay Thai.  It takes quite a lot of good quality eating -- something that's not easy with an active, hectic schedule.  If I manage to add a pound or two, it seems one heavy training day knocks them right off again.  So I've been holding pretty steady at 129 for a while now.  I'm pretty excited that last week I did record my bicep measurement making it up to 12.5 inches -- yay!!! -- but still wishing for more significant, steady progress.  So I'm getting pumped up for one more big push in these last two weeks of February, before I'm scheduled to start cutting down again in March.  I want enough progress to still have a little something to show for it after the lean-out!

Progress pics (I've definitely been owing some of these).
Weight:  129  Biceps:  12.5 inches:



And the final news item -- Very frustrating!  In this past week we've had big and exciting video shoots cancelled for winter-related reasons.  (I did say there'd be bitching.)  On Tuesday, one of the wrestlers got sick, delaying plans for a 2-vs-1 bondage match between Niki Lee Young, Chloe Faye, and me.  And just today, an ominous weather forecast is going to keep Keri from making the trip to join us for the planned Valentine's Day couples bondage match.  Grrrrrr.

But we will not be kept down!  On Tuesday, we still managed to film a terrific prostyle domination match with ShaSha and me.  ShaSha's bendier than she looks, and she thought the prostyle (even when getting beaten up) was a ton of fun.  We filmed ShaSha's first competitive match too -- well, I took it a little easy on her for her first time, but SHE didn't know that and came at me full force!

ShaSha ProStyle:

ShaSha Competitive Scissors & Pins:

And today, Howl and I are still going to meet up for a one-on-one bondage match -- kind of funny that we haven't done this before, so we figured it was high time to seize the opportunity.  Plus, I'm making casting calls and recruitment another big project for today...maybe some new faces showing up in new matches soon?

AAAANNNND, finally next week is looking pretty full:

1). Keri and I have rescheduled our shoot from today to Wednesday.  We won't have the same combo of couples available for the multi-way Valentine's bondage, but we will be another video that was planned for today -- a very cool superheroines prostyle match with costume changes, special effects, and gratuitous thong leotard action ;)  Also, possibly a re-vamped couple's bondage concept -- Keri & me vs. Danger Dude & Frankie -- if we can "rope" the guys into it at the right time ;)

2). That same day, I'm excited to be shooting tickle bondage and a straight bondage wrestling match with Robin, who's in NYC for a visit.   First time I'll get to shoot with Robin on "my" coast, though it's always been great to shoot for her on my LA visits :)

3). Next Saturday, Miss Dakkota is also lined up for a bondage match.

And 4).  Shauna Ryanne is visiting as well next weekend.  Very interested to hear suggestions or custom requests for her, as we'd love to set up a shoot.

Phew, and that's it for now!  Now off to this shoot with Howl!