Monday, December 24, 2012

Season's Greetings, and Holiday Flexing and More!

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season so far and looking forward to more good times before the year's over.

I personally, made a HUGE mistake this year and saved every bit of my shopping until the very last minute.  In fact, Saturday when I could have been doing it, I instead spent the whole day making holiday video clips as well as a few short customs.  The upside is that now when I'm out wrestling (ha, ha) with the shopping crowds on Christmas Eve, you can all be comfortably enjoying some new videos.

First up, I have a special Holiday Flexing video clip on YouTube:

There is also a little holiday squeezing and scissoring balloon gimmie:

Plus a holiday "gift-wrap" escape challenge and A LOT more balloon popping in my clips store:

Aaaaaaaand my match against MariQueen and a bearhug spy-assassin domination with Mark are in the queue just waiting to be released, and I've got a new bondage wrestling challenge (duct tape, ouch!) with Keri and a New Year's Resolution showdown with Hanz lined up bright and early in 2013!

Best wishes to you all!  Keep celebrating!

     - VeVe

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

video shoot extravaganza

Well, I'm now one day away from the end of this filming blitz that launched December.  Tomorrow Keri and I meet for a custom rematch of our 2011 bondage wrestling match.  Much higher stakes this time - the conditions include winning conditions of a full, immobilizing hog-tie, a humiliation round for the loser, and no draws allowed!  Of course, ties are allowed though ;)  Exciting!

Then after this I'll get a (much needed!) break for about a week...until Mark arrives in town on a holiday visit.  He's still the best beatdown victim I know, so I'm not about to let the season of peace on earth get in the way of my ladies and my waling on him.  The only question is how shall we do it?  Will Orlandoe, who's been branching out lately and looking to open her own clips store, terrorize him with her particular brand of physical Femi-Nazi domination?  Will Clobs crush him?  Or will I finally pull a few of my own evil plans off the back burner?  Competitive facesitting?  Mixed MMA?  My own SSC?  Time will tell!

But what I can certainly tell you right now is that in the past couple busy weeks we've gotten in some incredible matches around here.  This is just a super quick rundown:

Nov. 29 Shoot - In which I got to meet Page, a very spunky and fun beginning wrestler, for the first time; Bettie and I both proved that superior skill skill cuts bigger opponents right down to size; and Bettie and I had a rope-tie match that was as awesome for the excellent high-level wrestling as for the huge and perilous tangles of rope.

Bettie vs. Hanz
VeVe vs. Bettie with Rope

Dec. 5 Shoot - In which plans changed.  We were scheduled to shoot Tommi vs. Adrian, but Adrian had to reschedule at the last moment.  We still had the studio booked, though, so I switched tack and filmed a few special requests from my balloon/inflatable fans -- a big yellow 36" balloon non-pop inflation, a 99-Cent Store beach ball deflation, and a donut balloon sit-pop.

Dec. 6 Shoot - In which we met MariQueen, who impressed the hell out of us all with her great attitude and insatiable appetite to fight everyone!  Also her ability to give me a serious run for my money after fighting Clobberetta in a BBW battle AND Adrian in a competitive match before me.  Fantastic.

Clobberetta vs. MariQueen

Plus, MariQueen's matches with Adrian and me are still in the works, pictures coming...

And later that same day, we were back for the rescheduled Tommi vs. Adrian.  Tommi was in high spirits, first demolishing Adrian almost faster than he could blink in a competitive round, then gloating and rubbing in her victory in second round.  Adrian was having fun too, as impossible as that may look...

Tommi vs. Adrian

Dec. 7 Shoot - In which Athena reprised her role as karate bounty hunter in Athena's Karate Nylons II.

Dec. 8 Shoot - In which a fantastic and beautiful shoot with Orlandoe adapting the SCUM Manifesto into her own version of SSC and then shooting additional domination scenes for her coming clips store was tragically compromised by a ridiculous musical theater rehearsal next door.  D was furious and has been working passionately to see what footage can be saved from the terrible background music.  Some quick excerpts (showing Orlandoe's *incredible* outfit) are on her brand new YouTube channel, OrlandoeSupreme.

Dec. 9 "Rest Day" - In which I got my only chance in sight to finally get to the grocery and laundromat -- in the rain -- and still shot some new bondage escape customs at the Brooklyn studio!

I should mention that in the midst of all this, there was also an all-day bodypaint photo shoot for a friend of a friend's portfolio.  I'd been hoping the images would work for my portfolio too as I work on branching out from fitness and fetish posing into more varied modeling.  I'm not sure, though, the finished product looks enough like me to be directly useful that way.  Still, a fun shoot and very interesting images -- a really lovely, delicate Venetian mask look on my face...which suddenly morphs into full-on superhero when you add the whole body.  (Credit to Merideth Haring for the painting and Last Witness for the photography.)

And finally, finally, I've been struggling with the frustration of just NOT having enough time for all the training I'd like to be doing right now.  Gym time has taken a sad hit, and I can't wait to get back in quieter days.  On the upside, I've discovered I do really like my academy's MMA class, and I'm doing the best I can being consistent with that. Interestingly, it's a class full of strikers -- we'll work on our stand-up and boxing and it's clear to me everyone is much more experienced there than I am; then we go to the ground, and - BOOM - I'm at the head of the class.  Great stuff -- back there tonight.

Then it's filming with Keri tomorrow, and sometime soon after that...Christmas shopping!