Thursday, May 13, 2010

NYC Wrestling Showcase returns on June 19, 2010

The 2nd NYC Wrestling Showcase is coming up this June. It will be Saturday, June 19, from 2-5 pm at 440 Studios in the East Village. And we have quite a line up of guests and matches for that one. Here's the list of Superstar Guests:

Dominique Danger (Atlanta, GA)
VeVe Lane (NYC)
Clobberetta (NYC)
Rachel Sinclair (Florida)
Sherry Stunns (Cookville, TN)
Amazon Annie (NYC)
Allana (NYC and CT)

And the fight card:

1. Dominique Danger vs VeVe Lane
2. Clobberetta vs the Bulk
3. Rachel Sinclair vs Sherry Stunns
4. Sherry Stunns vs Amazon Annie
5. Rachel Sinclair vs Jay
6. Allana vs TBA

Advance discount tickets can be purchased here:

And the Showcase main website is here:

- VeVe

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