Friday, February 24, 2012

question: so what's been going on?

Answer: SO MUCH. This is just a little whirlwind overview in a nutshell (and you thought it was hard to get a tempest in a teapot)...

Basically, I made the decision a month or so ago that after years of juggling my office job and my wrestling career, I am certain I want to go full time with the wrestling. Now, everything isn't in place for me to make this switch yet. As far as I'm concerned, the day can't come too soon, but I do also want to be fully prepared. So I'm trying to really step up video production, session travel, and training in preparation.

That's going pretty well for the most part. We just had a terrific video shoot last night where we doubled up shooting to create two wildly different videos. I'm pretty happy with both of them.

One was a double-team match where I took on Jason and Thrash at the same time. That one had a really fun, wacky tone, which I attribute quite a bit to Jason's being naturally fun and wacky to shoot with. Neither of these guys can wrestle worth a damn, so the idea was really to see if two non-wrestlers can equal one well-trained wrestler. And well, they couldn't. At all. They could put me in some tight spots, but ultimately, I got to have a blast handing them their asses and keeping up some heavy teasing and taunting the whole time.

The next video was a bondage match with Diablo -- because it was just about time he and I went at it again with rope. This one was a much more serious match: about 10 minutes of intense struggle as he tried to tie me but tried even more to avoid getting tied, and then once I had him bound and immobilized I got to switch into my tormentress mode. I'd worn my full black bodysuit & tights ensemble for this one, so I figured some high-evil femme fatale action was called for.

Now tomorrow I head off for a four-day session and filming trip way down south. First stopping in Mobile to shoot with Mark of Brutal Beauties at his new studio there -- I'm looking forward to some very sadistic bondage wrestling and more judo domination coming out of that shoot. Then off to New Orleans for sessions and, well, New Orleans! Yay, pretty excited for this one.

So, clearly, good success on the video and travel fronts. The one difficulty is training, and it's just a matter of finding time. Here's the issue -- I've been getting such awesome roleplay requests lately, I figured I'd take an acting class to step it up even more in that department. (And the crazy dreamer part of me said, "And if I get discovered, so much the better!") I went for Scene Study, which sounded like the most "classic" acting experience I could get. Now, at the same time this venture is competing for time with my grappling, Muay Thai, and weight lifting, I'm realizing an Improv class would have been more the thing to do.

Not that I'm not enjoying it, but unless I see Improv or some other perfect fit offered at the perfect on next semester's schedule, I'm out of the studio and back to the gym. That would be a bit of a relief, but I do HATE giving up on things or admitting at can't do it all. We shall see how that goes...

There's definitely more to say, but it will follow in other posts!

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