Monday, April 9, 2012

the weekend - a rant

Right, so clearly all things can't go right all the time.  But seriously now, when they do go wrong, why does it have to be all at once?  I had three things scheduled for this weekend, a session and two video shoots, and every single one fell through.  Now, with both the session and the first shoot, the other person let me know as early as possible that something had come up, and we're talking to reschedule.  No issues there; I even got to make it to a very nice no-gi class I would otherwise have missed.  So that was Saturday, and it was pretty well salvaged.

But, oh damn, this bastard who stood me up Sunday.  This is the problem with making wrestling videos, I find.  Guys who will be in them, will show their faces on camera, and AREN'T FLAKY are a rare and precious breed.  On that note, I want to put a big "Thank You" out there to the awesome guys I do work with before saying anything else.  But at certain points you look over your filmography and think, "Man, I sure do beat up the same people a lot.  Maybe a new face...?"  And then you must Take A Risk.

So, Sunday.  A message to this schmuck:  First off, don't contact me saying how much you would LOVE to do this and totally blow it off when you get a chance.  This really stands to ruin things for guys who write in and are sincere.  Second, it does take some effort and coordination to set these shoots up - it involves scheduling with the studio, the videographer, and video sponsors, so being a slinky little no-show screws over at least three people besides me.  Third, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous -- which I noticed as I hurried through the park, not stopping in order to get to this shoot on time.  Fourth, as I sat there waiting for you to show your punkish face, I determined precisely the favorite restaurant and precisely the glass of wine I would need to brush away this irritation.  Then, after giving up on you and trekking across town with ALL my video and costume equipment, I found the restaurant was closed!  Your fault, I'm sure.  And fifth, Second Choice Restaurant really had inexcusably terrible sangria.  ALSO your fault.

Now, that's not to say the evening was a total waste.  My cameraman and I are resourceful and determined.  We took some new close-up foot photos for me.  I've been practicing karate-style kicks in preparation for a new custom video request, and we shot a little gimme of my kicks with me in full gi.  And we experimented with (but had to reject - for now) some POV camera angle ideas I'd been pondering.  Most importantly, we got in touch with a good and trusty video victim and rescheduled the original shoot for Tuesday.  But did it have to be like that?  No.  It COULD have been the shoot it was supposed to be.

OK, vented.  Moving on.  New week...

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