Wednesday, January 16, 2013

new year, new adventures

Time again for another update.  I've got to say, December was a crazy work month.  So, so much filming!  And with all the holiday travel bringing visitors into the city, it was a wild high time for sessions and wrestling and meeting guys from practically all over the world.  Really a phenomenal time but a hard pace to keep up!

When Christmas finally arrived, I was both so ready for the few days vacation with my family and not ready at all (NEVER got anyone's present wrapped, but they liked them anyway).  It was definitely an entertaining change of pace to be back among people who knew me before I ever got into wrestling and are actually still surprised by it.  Fun hitting the gym with the whole family for a post-holiday workout, showing off a little (I admit), getting just a bit competitive with my sister's fiance, and working a little personal training for sister #2.  Also slightly surreal getting subjected to pictures of bridesmaids dresses (by Mom, who's more excited for the ceremony than baby sister!).

Then it was back to New York and all too soon back to work...but not for long.  In fact, I'm now less than a month away from my last day at my office, and this current week I'm using up all my vacation time - not for vacationing, but -- so I thought -- for getting everything squared away for the change.  Really, though, there's not too much to change.  I need to go hunting for a new gym not selected for office-proximity, but otherwise, wrestling and wrestling videography is already a fabulous and rewarding full-time job for me.  Things are in order.  I'm just looking forward to more flexibility to schedule shoots, sessions, and travel, and to turn up my training intensity.

And so, in fact, THAT'S what I've been doing this week.  Monday featured a very sinister lethal leotards video shoot with Orlandoe and Thrash, plus some clips shooting for Orlandoe's own store.  Orlandoe's clips are already on their way out, and Lethal Leotards Duo will be coming soon!

Yesterday was a full day of mini-clip shooting for me with a big emphasis on abs, belly punching, and belly button this time around.  (First release:  very hard belly punching -- I was a bit rocked.)

Tomorrow, I'm shooting customs for Cali Logan -- I will say the disappointment of the month is that Keri and I were supposed to film the trial run of duct tape bondage wrestling at this same shoot, but that's had to be put on indefinite hold since Keri JUST found out she's expecting a second baby.  Definitely for the best that we not attempt any match as competitive as that one would surely be right now.  Sad for the match, but a big congratulations to Keri.  Friday is a competitive face sitting shoot with a new male opponent, and Saturday is the rescheduled 2013 Resolution Rematch with Hanz.  Phew!

Plus, I'm finally getting the chance to keep up with both my lifting and my martial arts training as much as I'd like to.  In fact, I'm writing this now in between morning grappling and afternoon gym.  And this is very good because perhaps my best news of all is that I'll be competing in my first kickboxing and MMA fights in March.  And I'll quite likely be competing at 110 -- I'll need to see about scheduling a photo shoot around this fight ;)  A phase of quite intense training and miserable weight cutting begins next week.  Very exciting!