Monday, May 4, 2015

where I've been...

Well, it's lucky no one strictly enforces New Year's resolutions, or I'd be in trouble -- I've been neglecting this blog again!  But I'm back now.  Here's a quick recap of what was going on in the quiet time, before I move on to some very exciting stuff that's coming up incredibly soon!

So my last post was in February; I was talking about the killer, 2-hour marathon match that I had with Kevin.  Looking back on February now, it's not surprising at all that I disappeared in March.  I've got to admit those months were hard (but worth it in the long run).

February was absolutely turbo-charged (and for that, I actually blame January, when the weather was so miserable that a we had to postpone a lot of shoots due to models' travel problems).

So we did everything in February!  We shot 24 videos that month, and besides the marathon with Kevin, this also included the Battle of the Sexes bondage match, an awesome but exhausting late-night, hour-long, hard competitive war.  There were some other great creations, like my Handcuffed Smother Domination with Thrash, and the excellent bondage match I got to have with Robin.  All stuff I'm proud of, but add on all my regular training and lifting AND general winter factor, and I was getting pretty tired by March.

BUT we had a big two-day long shoot scheduled with Lia Labowe before there could be a rest.  I knew it was coming to a point because I was losing my voice during the shoot with Lia -- which might have produced an interesting effect???  We did some private commission assassin videos where I had to deliver evil monologues and sounded especially husky.  Always a silver lining to be found somewhere.

Anyway, I went into "hardcore resting" mode after the shoot with Lia in order to be ready for my Northern Tour.  Thank goodness this all worked out -- the tour was lovely with some great wrestling in Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, and Chicago; I met some wonderful (and tough!) new folks, got to see some of my very favorite regular sessions guys again (I hope you guys know who you are -- you're fantastic!), and got to meet and film with Ashley Wildcat for the first time.  Rounded the trip off with a stop at my parents' for Easter -- a very nice time overall!

Now throughout April, I *thought* I'd been continuing the resting-up theme from March.  But I just counted up the videos from April, and there were actually 25 -- one more than in crazy February!  I think the difference is not having to travel through any snow to get to the studio, and also the fact that we've been working on some very fun, experimental type projects.  There was the 4-Way Superheroine Bondage Battle -- how could anyone not love that and love doing that?  I know for myself, wanting to be in superhero movies as a kid is a big part of why I'm so pleased with what I do now.  And I've yet to meet another wrestling lady that doesn't think the superheroine videos are extra fun.

There was also the Hunt for the Spider Queen video; this was something of a pet project that Diablo, Howl, and I had been dreaming up.  We knew we wanted it to be a bit more like a movie than a clip, and we wanted it to involve a lot of different bondage for Howl.  We were quite committed -- we even ran a dress rehearsal/test run of the video, which was a great benefit.  We tried the concept first as a sort of slow, seductive piece, but afterwards we realized that it would be much better as a more fighty and abusive scene.  This was a great and fun theater experiment type-project that turned out a result I just loved.  I wish we had time to workshop more pieces like this.  Well, for special occasions we just might...  And in any event, the Spider Queen will certainly be making some reappearances!

All right, that brings me up to date.  Good that I had that rest-up time because in two days I leave for my West Coast tour, which is going to be another whirlwind.  See my next post for a preview on that, and a roster of the ladies I'll be shooting with out there should you want to order a custom...

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