Tuesday, June 4, 2013

where to go?

I'm in the middle of planning a big session tour for August, and I'm stuck.  I've got two options that sound awfully good to me, so I really want input from readers of this post!

Where would you all like me to go?  
Who would want to meet up in any of these cities?  
With whom would you like me to film - or whom would you like me to challenge ;) - in any of these places?

Option 1 - the East                        Option 2 - the West 

D.C.                                             San Diego
Richmond                                     L.A.
Charlotte                                      San Francisco
Knoxville                                      Reno
Nashville                                      Las Vegas

Regardless, I'm going to be ending the tour at FetCon in Tampa August 15 - 18.  But where to go first?!

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