Sunday, September 8, 2013

Julie Squeeze at Oct. Wrestling Expo? - seeking sponsors

Hey, Everyone!

We've just gotten exciting news here in New York that Julie Squeeze would like to attend our NYC Female Wrestling Expo Oct. 4-6.  

This would open up some awesome possibilities for matches between Julie and the other ladies on the roster - Julie vs. Skylar?  or Kara?  Maybe Orlandoe for a duel between two truly stellar pairs of legs?  And of course I would personally LOVE to get in my long-awaited rematch!

The only catch is that Julie needs sponsorship to cover her flight from LA to New York.  

We're looking for just three sponsors to each give $100 toward her airfare (or one generous guy to give $300).  All sponsors would receive all the matches Julie does with both Femwin and Doom Maidens at the Expo.

Let us know ASAP, if you would like to sponsor Julie and help us add another amazing lady to the Expo line-up.  You can write to me directly at

Thank you!!

             - VeVe

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