Sunday, January 26, 2014

toned tommi vs. keri spectrum?

Hi, Everyone,

We have Toned Tommi visiting NYC at the start of February, and we have Keri Spectrum right next door in NJ.

Tommi's an undisputed first-class grappler and MMA fighter.  Keri's got a wealth of wrestling video experience under her belt -- not only in fantasy videos but in all-out catfights and furious competitive bondage matches.  She's also a trained BJJ practitioner, who's just made her return debut to competitive submission matches.

Tommi                         vs.     Keri
Inline image 1           Inline image 3

Who would like to see this match?  We'd love to make it happen, but this one would require sponsorship from some of you guys.  If you'd like to contribute sponsorship two bring this match to the mats, write to me directly at  

And even if you'd just like to chime in and say, yes, you want to see this happen, write back too.  Let us know!

One more time:

Tommi                                          vs.    Keri
Inline image 4           Inline image 5

All right!  What do all of you think?


           - VeVe

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