Tuesday, January 28, 2014

winter is filming season!!

Well, my original plan for the winter months was to get the hell out of New York and spend some time somewhere warm.  But it seems like the rest of the world had the opposite idea.  There are so many visitors coming TO NYC in the next month, that I just had to toss out vacation ideas, and get down to booking shoots.

First, let's talk about a pretty awesome shoot that took place a couple days ago.  Maggy Pie was in town visiting from Ohio.  She's quite a unique wrestler -- micro-sized and muscle-y.  (And that's coming from me -- I'm used to being just about the smallest wrestler I know!)  Well, we got a special request for her from a fan who likes to see small women giving hell to big, tough men, so we set up a match between her and Adrian.  In this video, by request, Maggy and I start out double-teaming, torturing, and wearing down Adrian with both of us wearing sports bras, jeans, and knee pads, then I turn him over to Maggy and let her finish him off (after changing into a bikini).  I would have felt sorry for Adrian, except he seemed to think he was pretty lucky!

Anyway, this special request got the ball rolling...

I asked Maggy how she'd feel about also doing some bondage wrestling, and she confidently replied she thought she'd be rather adept at it.  That said to me that Maggy should have her very own victim to terrorize, so we called in Thrash.  He gave it his best go and put up a good struggle, but in the end Maggy not only gets him trussed up, but forces him him to endure an extended trampling session mixed with plenty of foot worship and victory posing.

Bouncing more ideas around, it seemed like pairing up a 5-ft., 110-lbs. lady with 6-ft., 210-lbs. Amazon Annie was just too good of a chance to pass up.  So we also had Annie come in for a size mismatch where she got to show off her pinning, smothering, facesitting, scissoring, and bearhugging.  No, it wasn't fair, but it did look very dramatic since Maggy is almost doll-sized next to Annie.  On top of that, fashion-minded Annie brought her own costume to the shoot - an amazonian leapord-print bra peeking out from under a high-cut thong leotard and shiny spandex leggings that made her look especially sleek, leggy, and statuesque.

And, finally, Hanz joined us to shoot his own competitive match with Maggy.  This was such a great match I was downright jealous!  Both of them went at it with such a lot of energy and tenacity, it looked amazing and made me want to get in on the action.

Honestly, I've got a couple resolutions going on regarding shooting this year.  One is to make a bigger event of each shoot and film more videos every time.  The other is to feature more other wrestlers and be in a smaller percentage of videos myself.  This shoot was a great success on both counts, but sticking to resolution number two is pretty hard!  The next time Maggy's back in New York, I'm raring to go against her myself in a bondage wrestling match, and she's asked to do a straight competitive with me as well.  Looking so forward to it!

Now, that's just a little foretaste of what's coming up here very soon.  The visiting wrestlers & models list is packed.  We've got a few videos planned for these ladies already.  We're bouncing around even more tentative ideas.  We're entertaining some custom requests for them.  We'd love to get more suggestions, requests, and opinions on proposed vids!  And finally, with so many great ladies coming in, we're eager to hear from prospective new male video victims -- but please only serious inquiries!

Next up in our Visitors for Video schedule:

Toned Tommi returns Feb. 2 - 5

We're looking to set Tommi up with a new mixed domination match.  Also thinking about more pro-style, maybe FvF, and we've also gotten a request for a mixed pro-style with Tommi as the jobber!  She says she's up for it...  Also happy to hear more suggestions for Tommi!

Mega-Shoot with Ginary, Keri, & Darling Feb. 7

We're setting up another 4-girl bondage wrestling mini-tournament with Ginary, Keri, Darling, & me! But what should we wear?!  The first bondage mini-tourney was in jeans and bikini tops.  More of the same?  Something different?  Also planning 2-vs-1 bondage wrestling with Ginary & Indra against me.  Also one more video for Ginary -- Diablo Dominates Ginary is proposed…thoughts, suggestions, requests?

Keri's up for an appearance in the Karate Nylons custom request series -- victim TBC, but most likely taking down Thrash.

Matches for Darling are tentative -- quite likely mixed domination and a match vs. me…competitive?  or maybe FvF pantyhose wrestling?  Cast your votes!  She is also slated to film with Hanz.

Iron Liberty Feb. 16 & 17

A ton of ideas floating around here -- There's been an inquiry about a muscle worship vid with me.  We're considering mixed domination, forced muscle worship, pantyhose wrestling, bondage wrestling, pro-style, and even floated the ideas of some barbarian roleplay wrestling!  So many ideas they need narrowing down!!

Minxy Li & Venom return March 13 - 16

It will be so great to see this pair again!  Minxy and I have vowed an unending bondage rivalry, so there's "bound" to be some of that during their visit.  She's also very keen to try out my giant, climb-in balloons, and to reveal her talents as a nefarious female supremacist agent in our Lethal Leotards series. We have an inquiry on the table for a Villainess Bondage Ransom sequel featuring Venom & me.  And we'll surely have to subject some more hapless men to Venom's "tender" ministrations à la Venom vs. Conrad.

And you know, we might get a little silly and just play dress-up -- Minxy has informed me that my ass has to get in on this picture!!!


  1. Looking forward to Iron Liberty ... I love fit girls, but truly muscular women are awesome! I'd love to see her engaged in a little bondage wrestling, or possibly an bondage escape video - its so rare to see someone of her physique bound and gagged, though I doubt she would stay that way for long :)

    1. Awesome point! I think we will bondage wrestling a priority in the Iron Liberty shoot :)

  2. Please don't reduce the number of clips you're in!! You are the ONLY woman I want to see in the clips; the others trail in your wake in all ways.