Sunday, February 22, 2015

camera never stops rolling!

Damn, getting a little behind on the blogging again.  Well, I've noticed that that either happens when there's nothing going on (nothing to write about) or too much going on (no time to write about it).  And nothing going on has NOT been the problem lately!

This past week was full of a series of very interesting shoots.  This started out with my Valentine's Day bondage wrestling match with Howl.  Honestly, I can hardly believe this was just a week ago now, there's been such excitement in between!  But anyway, we had had a big 3-couples (6 people) bondage wrestling EVENT planned for V-Day, but due to a combination of bad weather and some very poorly timed romantic trouble, Howl and I were the only two able to show up of the original six.  So poor Howl had to bear all the punishment I'd been planning for five people ;)

Honestly, I was super-impressed with how well Howl did in this the start.  So many of my bondage opponents put all their energy into defending against me, when really "a strong offense is the best defense" is especially true in bondage wrestling.  So he did a great job of attacking early and almost got my feet tied together, but he didn't quite have the edge to capitalize on that, and I paid him him back with some extra-tight binding and ball-gagging later.  But, truly, Howl is one of our local wrestlers taking the most interest in improving his game right now -- he puts up a great fight against any odds, and he came out to our Tuesday night training session on last week.  Not that I'm going to let him be a threat to me, but I'm getting worried for some of our local ladies seeing how motivated he is!


OK, skipping ahead to Wednesday, which was the uber-shoot day of the week.  Actually, it involved two very cool, but very different shoots.  Everything started out nice and civilized -- Diablo and I paid a call on Robin at her Manhattan hotel to film a tickling custom video and a bondage wrestling match.  This was the sort of shoot where everything goes smoothly and perfectly (they do happen!).

Robin is awesome to work with and super on-the-ball.  When we did our bondage wrestling, even though she was certain to lose, she put up a great, very feisty struggle and even had fun losing.  I got her legs frog-tied and her elbows cinched behind her back and she almost cracked me up trying to box and kick at me all hobbled like that!  And she was a great sport as I experimented with some hair-tying.  I get a little carried away...


After that, Diablo and I headed out to New Jersey to a studio we'd never been to before and with snow starting to fall, to meet up with Keri, Danger Dude, and Frankie for a Battle of the Sexes 2-on-2 Competitive Bondage Wrestling Experiment.  I think of this shoot as a "Wild West" moment in wrestling.  Everyone was excited to give the match a shot, and both the ladies' team and the guys' team were feeling really confident about scoring the win, but we had just simply never tried this style of match before.  And some of the competitors had never fought each other or even really met before that night.  There was no time limit or no pre-determined outcome.  There was a lot of ego, and there were some expectations, but no body knew what would really happen...

What happened was that it turned into a hard, long match.  While it was happening I think we all gave up hope that it could ever end with one side actually managing to win (I know I did).  When the win finally happened, we were all a little too exhausted to realize quite how it had happened.  Afterwards, Diablo (who was filming) said he was scared for us several times watching all the crashing and colliding and that he hadn't thought it would be that intense.  Keri had expected the intensity, but I think not the duration.  And I had made the mistake of underestimating Frankie -- he can get himself into trouble on his own, but he worked well in a team with Danger Dude.  I think we all felt kind of shell-shocked but accomplished afterwards.  AND after all that, Diablo and I had to make a freezing, late-night trip back to New York on some never-coming trains...suffer for art, oh yes!!  The day after was a total loss, I'm telling you.


OK, then after a day of rest, on Friday I rounded out the week with one more video with Howl.  This one was a Boston crab domination video -- not quite the adventure of the Wednesday shoot, but notable because a) I thought it went very well and turned out quite cool, b) Howl is super-flexible and great for Boston crabbing, and c) I finally got to wear a really nice costume I'd been looking for a reason to use.  (A fan bought me this great, shiny gymnastics leotard for a video back in December but then decided he preferred one with long sleeves.  I've been waiting and waiting to use the sleeveless version!)


That brings me up to the present, but there is plenty more to come very, very soon.  Tomorrow, Hanz and I are filming with Shauna Ryanne -- there's some bondage, superheroine, tickling, and competitive action planned.  And at the risk of turning this into a really marathon shoot, this is also the last call for custom requests for Shauna!


Also hoping to meet up with Indra, who's had a killer busy February, for some long-awaited filming in the first week of March.


And finally, I've gotten word that Lia Labowe will be visiting again March 5-8.  We're in the process of planning another shoot, so custom requests for Lia are welcome too!

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