Monday, March 17, 2014

vote for boots!

My costume-buying spree is beginning!

First item up:  Knee-High Pro Wrestling Boots

My plan is to get a pair for me and a pair for my bigger-footed opponents.

But what colors?  These are the ones I'm considering -- take a look and cast your votes!

Blue on Black
White on Black

Silver on Black
Red on White

Red on Black
Black on White

Black on Red


  1. As long as they house your fabulous legs I really don't mind.

  2. Red and white
    Thigh highs would look hot also

  3. I am partial to the blue on black or the red on black myself. Maybe the red by a slim margin. I'm sure either would look great on you though :)

  4. Whoo, great feedback, guys! I had a feeling about blue on black, myself. Order going in!!