Tuesday, May 13, 2014

video & session tour West Coast - customs call!

Hello, Everyone!  

I'm going to be hitting the road for my West Coast + Las Vegas tour THIS SATURDAY, and Diablo will be joining me, video camera in hand.  There are so many amazing wrestlers and models on the other side of the country, and we're currently lined up to shoot with at least five of them!

Also, to note:  My full tour schedule is Las Vegas (5/17-5/19), San Diego (5/19-5/21), Los Angeles (5/21-5/23), San Francisco (5/23-5/24), Seattle (5/26-5/28).  If you have a custom request for me to work with ANOTHER wrestler in one of these cities, let me know, and we MAY be able to fit it into the busy schedule.  

And, of course, if you're interested in a session in one of these cities yourself, get in touch, but do it quickly because there's very little free time left!

Send us custom requests for any of these ladies ASAP!  Keep in mind we'll be filming in hotel rooms, and the primary opponents/partners available for these ladies will be Diablo or me.  Possibly we'll be able to line up local opponents (especially if you have someone in mind), but the rest of our New York roster won't be available.

In San Diego, we'll be shooting again with Sinn Sage.  Awesome, since we immediately wanted to shoot more with her after meeting her this March.  

In Los Angeles we're booked with Savannah Foxx and Mistress Kara (different days).  We're thrilled to see them both again after working together in NYC last October since they're both fantastic.
​Mistress Kara​                                                       Savannah Foxx
Kara's Doom Maidens Videos                                 Savannah vs. Thrash for Doom Maidens

In San Francisco we're shooting with Ariel X and Andrea Rosu (same day, same shoot).  It's been nearly three years since the first and only time I met Ariel, and it'll be my very first time meeting and filming with Andrea, so exciting!  

We are currently seeking a big, tough, athletic guy crazy enough to face these two AT ONCE for a requested video.  Any leads, let me know!
Ariel X                                                                Andrea Rosu​

Also, we're tentatively scheduled to shoot with Scarlett Devine in Las Vegas.  It'll be great if this works out.  And Cheyenne Jewel JUST tweeted to me that she's available during my Vegas dates too.  Certainly do send requests for Scarlett and Cheyenne too -- it will help us to confirm the shoot!

Scarlett Devine                                               Cheyenne Jewel

Have I overwhelmed you all yet?!  I'd be overwhelmed myself if I weren't so excited to get started on this whirlwind adventure!

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