Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions!

Happy 2015, Everyone!

Here I am, making a gradual comeback from my holiday vacation.  I'll admit I've been taking it pretty easy over a pretty extended Christmas break this past week, but 2014 was such a non-stop, breakneck year, that this has been long overdue.  I won't be back to full-speed until the BJJ Academy reopens on Monday, but here's a little check-in meanwhile.

I've got some resolutions to declare here at the start of the year (how predictable!)  One is to whip this blog back into shape; I've let it sit for far too long!  I'm resolving to update weekly with a past week's recap and upcoming events preview.  I'm saying it "out loud" right now so everyone can hold me to it!

Resolution number two is to finally add a little more muscle mass to my physique.  I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished with my lifting, martial arts, and fitness training so far, but if there aren't new goals and challenges, a bit of the fun goes out it.  I feel I've been maintaining pretty much the same look and size for years now, and it's time to shake things up.  Plus, it does get old being smaller than pretty much everyone!

Now, realistically, I'm aware I don't have the genetic make-up to get huge, and I am absolutely determined to do this naturally, with no more supplementing than protein shakes.  Therefore, I'm not setting any absolute numerical goals like "+5 lbs. of muscle" or "+10 lbs. of muscle" or "+1 inch to bicep circumference."

My resolution is simply to follow the very best hypertrophy program I can for the next two months and see what I can do.  I'll be posting progress reports, photos, and measurements along the way. Now for some starting stats from today.  After a little bit of holiday relaxation and indulgence and a little head start to my hypertrophy program (started Dec. 27):

Weight: 125.2 lbs.
Biceps: 12 inches.

I was silly and didn't get a starting point photo today!  One will be coming soon.

And, of course, part two of resolution two (Res.2pt.2) is to cycle into a good cutting phase come March and end up in my best, most muscular bikini shape yet by summer.  Pictures and progress reports of that expected too.

And finally, this last one's not quite a resolution; it's more of a wish Diablo and I have been discussing while we've been laying plans for Doom Maidens and future video projects of 2015.  We're hoping to add to wrestling, bondage wrestling, pro-style, and other various video styles we love to produce more fantasy costume and storyline videos.  I think this would just be wildly fun. It's all very much in the planning/brainstorming stages right now, and as ever in New York City, the greatest hurdle we're running into is finding good-looking, available locations for more fantastical videos.  But I mention this in case anyone has ideas they'd like to contribute to this project, and so no one's surprised if I happen to turn up later this year in elf or alien or vampire garb!  ;)

And now back to the remainder of my vacation.  I've got a games night with friends and a bottle of Malbec all lined up for tonight :)

EDIT:  Adding the "Starting Point" photos I promised.  Here they are:

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  1. Sounds like a great start for 2015... You need to work hard.. As we're following up VeVe :) we will observe, support and congratulate you.

    Good luck with your new challenges..