Thursday, January 15, 2015

all kinds of training updates

So today I got some great news!  :)

The thing that really gives me hell all the time is trying to fit all the training that I want to and should do into a day with everything else that has to happen.  I am constantly making ambitious and intricate training plans, but they break down when it's time to move them off paper and into practice.  What with BJJ, Muay Thai, and weight lifting, it's a colossal challenge.  I love the early morning classes at my academy -- great for waking me up and kicking off the day -- but the morning MT, BJJ, and no-gi classes all overlap.  I end up needing to go back to the midday classes; my day is chopped up; I feel like I get nothing else done; and, especially now, since I'm so excited about my 2015 Mass Gain Resolution, I get very frustrated if I feel like time is being taken away from my lifting.

So this is actually a very small thing, but I have high hopes for it:  the academy's a.m. BJJ class is being extended.  If it runs longer, I can go to it immediately *after* Muay Thai.  This may *possibly* solve all my scheduling woes.  I do have a tendency to make those ambitious plans, but here's hoping...

Now, speaking of the mass gain resolution, here's a little update on that.

Weight: 126.8 pounds
Biceps:  12.25 inches
Thigh:  21 inches

I knew as soon as the holidays ended and I got back to forms of training other than the gym, it would get much harder to put on any weight.  And, definitely, it did.  My weight stuck at 125 for about two weeks despite quite a high calorie intake; finally getting past that was exciting.  Much more exciting was seeing an increase in my bicep measurement!  Better and sooner than I'd hoped!  I'm very pleased.  And I forgot to take a starting thigh measurement at the beginning of the month, but I'l keep track of it from here on out.  Hopefully, I'll get some photos for an update tomorrow since there's a video shoot scheduled in the afternoon...

I could go on and on about recent and upcoming video projects, but I did that last week.  And, indeed, there are always countless video projects in the works.  I'm sure I can talk about them next week too, if I feel like it.  So for now, a couple other quick announcements.

DM training sessions are starting up again!  It's been a while since we offered regular training sessions, though there were some pretty good by-appointment bondage wrestling tutorials during the past year.  But starting Tuesday, the goals will be to bring more people together for practice at once and hopefully to see some new faces too.  Should be neat, and it'll definitely be worth blogging about how the launch goes.

And finally, my first session trip of the year is scheduled!  This is a little overnight trip to Philly on Feb. 5 & 6, and I'm very quickly seeing that I should probably have planned a longer stay.  This little visit is filling up quickly.  Oh, well, it'll be a whirl!

And that's the news 'til next week!


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