Saturday, January 31, 2015

multi-lady shoots galore coming up!

A fan just asked me which ladies would be available for shoots in the next couple weeks, specifically what combinations of ladies would be possible.

I've been in a frenzy of scheduling lately, and only when he asked me this did I step back and realize just HOW MUCH is actually going on.  It's pretty incredible, and I thought I should give everyone a heads-up in case anyone wants in on customs with these rare combinations of wrestlers:

In the next couple weeks, we are planning these combo shoots:

Jade Indica (5'-2", 115 lbs.) & Amazon Annie (6'-0", 200 lbs.):  

Keri Spectrum (5'-8", 140 lbs) & Crazy Azy (5'-2", 130 lbs.):

Niki Lee Young: (5'-4", 115 lbs.) & Chloe Faye:

And a little bit later:
Chloe Faye (5'-7", 130 lbs.) & Rachel DD (5'-4", 120 lbs.):

Customs and requests for any of these shoots?  Email me!

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