Thursday, January 8, 2015

starting off with a bang -- more videos than we can shake a camera at

Well, the theme of this week seems to be “Back to Filming with a Vengeance.” Things certainly got busy fast as soon as the holidays ended! And it's been really great lately to reconnect with some favorite wrestlers and video sponsors I hadn't seen/heard from in a little while.

Today was the inaugural shoot of the year, and it featured the return of Indra to the mats. She was brave enough to face me in a “Shiny Pro-Style 2” match, and though it didn't go too well for her overall, she did get me in a few tight spots ;)

Also, at the sponsor's request, this match included our first attempt at this hold: 

Only thing is, none of us know what this one's called! Anybody out there know this one and the name of it? I'm sure it must be pretty cool.

And coming up VERY soon...

Tomorrow, we've got a karate-in-pantyhose custom featuring Rachel and Thrash scheduled. What Rachel doesn't know is that we may very well tack her bondage wrestling rematch with me onto the end of this shoot! Well, if there's time. We're very polite like that. Though, come to think of it, a scenario along the lines of “You're never allowed to leave this shoot; I'm going to tie you up and keep you and make you wrestle for me forever!” might be a pretty fun video to do with a visiting model. ;)

On Saturday, there's a possibility we'll also be shooting a bondage wrestling match between me and Tyler Dare. This would be a little accessory project to a bigger shoot Hanz has been trying to set up with Tyler for his studio. He's been good enough to run point on scheduling this one as we've been back and forth A LOT trying to find a workable shoot time. Hoping this one will work out, but not certain, since the day's already drawing very near. If it does work, though, it'll create a four-day solid filming streak because...

The real heavy-hitting shoot in this story is set for Sunday. This one'll be a three-parter. First: Azy vs. Hanz Bondage wrestling. This will the first of the 2015 bondage wrestling projects Diablo mentioned in his Bondage Wrestling Blog to be realized (well, actually the 2nd IF we get in my rematch with Rachel on Friday - love achieving those to-do's!). I'm rooting for Azy, but I am a bit afraid for her. I would have to rank Hanz right along with Keri Spectrum as my most challenging bondage opponents to date. 

Second: a long-overdue new muscle worship video with me and Diablo – like the Pleasure and Pain video of 2013, but more vicious and sadistic ;) Not giving anymore hints than that. 

And Third: another “rematch” sort of video with me and Diablo, Volume 2 of our Immobilizing Holds judo pins video, also from 2013.

Now that's everything that's definite so far, but also ALL floating around waiting to get scheduled are requests for muscle worship with me and Mistress Trish, a 20-minute arm wrestling marathon, and new editions of our catballs, assassin scenarios, and superheroine prostyle matches.  A very exciting month coming up, with some very good connections to DM's (many!) roots.

And I'll just end with the excellent announcement that Howl is now back in NYC!  He was certainly missed all through the fall.  Plans are already in motion to get him into a new prostyle video and our first mixed catball video.  He's an adventurous one, is Howl ;)

I'll have to write some more introspective entries someday, when things are just a little calmer...

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